Mehndi is a beautiful traditional art for ceremonies. It has become a part of our culture whether it is a wedding ceremony or a festival, its importance cannot be denied. In old times it was considered a part of tradition, but now a day it has become a fashion and is applied to look beautiful on special occasions. Women apply Mehndi to look fantastic and prominent on occasions. This post is aimed to bring the top most back hand mehndi designs of all times for those who love to apply simple and elegant henna styles instead of messy ones.

There are many superstitions about henna in Asian countries especially India. People usually relate the color of henna with the parameter of love. The darker the henna color of a bride is, the more his husband and in-laws are supposed to love her after marriage. The art of applying henna has now become quite popular in men as well. Yet women are more concerned about applying mehndi designs on their hands and feet on special occasions such as weddings, traditional ceremonies, and religious events.

Back Hand Mehndi designs are generally less complicated and simple with small and delicate patterns instead of more sophisticated bails. These designs are generally preferred in daily routines to make hands more appealing and attractive.

Ten Best Back Hand Mehndi Design Pictures 2017:

The following photo gallery has an adorable range of ten best Back Hand Henna Styles of all times that have been loved and admired by many. These styles are preferred by ladies on all kinds of occasions because of their elegance and grace. Let’s take a look at all of these one by one.

1 – Traditional and Classic Henna:

The traditional and classic choice is to make leaves of mehndi in a specific pattern. A string of leaves goes from the back of palm to the end of the middle finger. So that, rings can be easily worn without hiding it. Bands are also made on the wrist like bangles.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

2 – Elegant Back Hand Henna Design:

The elegant mehndi design looks very attractive and beautiful on the back side of hands and arms. Girls usually love to apply this type of designs which seem more prominent in ceremonies. The leaves, flowers, and light shade filling enhances the beauty of hands and look gorgeous.

elegant mehndi design for back hand and arms

3 – Simple Bail Mehndi Design:

A modern way to apply henna is to make a design from one finger that goes around the palm. It looks simple, pleasant and easy to create. Black mehndi is used to make it more prominent.

new bail henna style

4 – The Arabic Henna Design:

The Arabic mehndi designs are very familiar among brides and on other occasions like Eid. These designs are made up of leaves and flowers. Enough space is left between the patterns to make them more visible.

The back hand Arabic mehndi designs

To make the borders dark, black mehndi is used. Regular henna is used for filling. Filling and shading gives life and alluring touch to the mehndi design. It is also called Arabic mehndi. This is one of the perfect styles for back side of hands.

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5 – Both Hand Henna Design:

There is a trend to make the same design on both hands. It starts from a finger and extends till half arm. An adequate amount of space is left by using leaves, flowers and creepers to give an enriched and elegant look. Usually, this design is very familiar among brides.

Back Hand Mehndi Design for both hands

6 – Black Mehndi Style for Backhand:

The black mehndi design is very common these days when the main focus is on the henna shade that appears finally. Black mehndi designs are generally preferred for back side of hands and arms.

Black Mehndi Style

It is made by leaving space around the palm and the same pattern is used on the back side of hand. The design of palm (on the front side) and the back of the palm are almost the same. Different miniature designs are used from the top of the fingers. Black mehndi is basically used for a dark shade or color.

7 – Modern Style of Henna for Back Hand:

The Henna style looks more dominant and appealing when black mehndi is used to create a traditional yet modern style. Motifs and Borders are dark in this specific style. By shading the flowers, the element of life looks quite prominent in this style. This design is a bit messy and complicated as compared to simple designs and covers up the entire palm and fingers with special jewels like designs.

Modern mehndi Design for beginners

8 – Abstract Henna Pattern for Back Hand Side:

Abstract Henna style which is also called tikki style mehndi is quite in trend these days for decorating back side of hands and feet. The primary focus It is an example of an abstract pattern of back hand mehndi. The primary focus while making an abstract pattern is on the center of the back of hand. Geometrical shapes mostly circles are drawn to decorate the center of hand.

Back hand Tikki Style mehndi design

The central round, oval or square pattern is also called tikki. Dots little leaves and flowers are used around the motif to enhance its look. The basic style starts from the center, and bands are made on the wrist. The finger tips are beautifully decorated afterwards.

9 – Colorful Back Hand Mehndi:

There is a modern trend to fill up mehndi design by other colors. One may be fed up with the same color of henna. So certain other colored glitter fillings like purple, silver, and green are used these days to fill up the henna patterns giving them more appealing look. This style adds to the glamour of back hand mehndi designs and are practiced mostly by brides. The designs may also be decorated further with stones.

Colorful Mehndi Design

10 – Simple Leaving The Space Mehndi Design:

A mehndi pattern looks more prominent by leaving spaces at certain points without which the design is surely incomplete. Well structured spaces make the design look more visible and neat. The simple leaving Space Mehndi Design is all about leaving spaces around the henna patterns in an appropriate manner with little nail paint motifs on fingerprints. Usually the first finger is filled up with design while rest of the fingers follow the same pattern with an adequate use of floral patterns.

Simple Leaving The Space Mehndi Design

Try these on your back hands and tell us about these beautiful designs in our feedback section. Stay with FashionStrength Mehndi Section for more henna styles and patterns.

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