The way you smell says much about your personality! If you smell nice you surely become the people’s magnet and everyone admires your presence around. But as quantity is dominating over the quality of the cosmetic products these days, it’s hard to find a scent which smells nice and lasts long. There is a world full of deodorants, body sprays, roll on, cologne and perfumes available in the market but none works best when you go out for hours. This post will be introducing you to the world’s top 10 most seductive ladies perfumes by popular labels.

There are only a few bunch of companies which are producing high quality scents with breath-taking fragrances, which stay for hours and hours. These are all must to try if you are looking for something lasting. They extract 100% pure natural fragrances and process them under quality environment. No toxic or chemical substances are added as those can damage your skin and the apparel you wear. As ladies are quite conscious about things, so brands have put special focus on uplifting the quality of ladies perfumes.

Best Selling Ladies' Perfumes

Best Ladies Perfumes – Top 10 Long Lasting Fragrances for Women:

It’s time to stop wandering around in markets to shop for the best long lasting ladies perfumes for yourself, let’s scroll hard and find the best available options in town.

1. The Rebellious – BVLGARI:

As the name says it all, this perfumes has a strong adventurous scent mixed with a rosy and peachy touch. It has sublime touch of lilac smell. It has a powerful soothing impact which takes you to a mystical land. When sweet and sexy are blended together, it gives you “The Rebellious.” It is perfect for girls of young ages as it suits to their energy and charisma. Floral extracts of Ottoman Rose, black berry, vetiver grass extracts and tea rose oil, all are mixed together in a balance proportion to create this magic potion. The blend will leave you spellbound once you smell it. So, without taking a moment, this product can be placed at the top of the world’s best ladies perfumes.

The Rebellious BVLGARI perfume for women

2. The Sweet Teresa – Angel Face:

For soft, tender, sensitive and caring women, this perfume is perfect to complement their personalities. The scent has that refreshing delight and a lady like appeal to it. Angel face is an exquisite fragrance from the world renowned Dozen Roses collection hence it is enchanting to the core. It has a mix of fruity essence and delightful floral fragrance which sparks the women out of you. This season go yummy with the enticing Angel face perfume.

The Sweet Teresa Angel Face perfume for ladies

3. The BOSS – Roberto Cavalli:

When a lady walks in the classic Roberto Cavalli, smelling pretty and nice, no head is kept from turning back to her. It has a strong and rich fragrance which suits to an independent working woman who is firm yet sweet and sensitive. The perfume is created keeping the queens of the herds in mind who love to smell unique and distinctive. It’s an intense pack of orange blossom essence with extracts of pink pepper, vanilla and benzoin. The combination signifies the sensuality of a woman in a tasteful way.

The BOSS Roberto Cavalli fragrance for women

4. The Seductress – Flirtatious:

Drawing everyone’s attention instantaneously, Flirtatious is a juicy mixture of fruity essence. It has the sweetness of raspberry and the richness of vanilla extracts; both together make it inevitably addictive. It’s sensual, romantic and inspires the charismatic women out of you. It mainly features the essence of wild berries, honeysuckle and vanilla extracts making it a delight for women who are more social and loves to meet new people and talk.

The Sexy Seductress Flirtatious fragrance for women

5. The Mysterious – Alien By Thierry Mugler:

No perfume can be more seductive then this mysterious delight called Alien. It has a subtle touch with an alluring appeal to the smell. If you want to create a mysterious aura around you and want be a wonder women then Alien is great option for you. From the creations by Thierry Mugler, Alien is another big success after his hit fragrance Angel. This heart captivating magic potion is composed of extracts of white amber and sunny Indian Jasmin, locked into a nicely shaped purple bottle, symbolizing the magic hidden inside it.

The Mysterious Alien By Thierry Mugler perfume

6. The Elegant – Philosophy Amazing Grace:

For those all those where you don’t want to become the centrepiece of the event you can try this subtle and sweet fragrance which is an amusing mix of all the fruity essence including mainly mandarin, freesia, grapefruit, rose and hints of white musk. Its divine and irresistibly attractive, the musk gives it a long lasting effect while the soft Muguet blossoms gives your skin a sweet touch.

The Elegant and long lasting perfume Philosophy Amazing Grace

7. The Dandy! – Idylle by Guerlain:

A woman who takes pride in her existence and loves to live with luxury should go for Idylle by the Dandy. When you wear its wonderful fragrance it will move you to the new levels of ecstasy. It’s intense yet airy and ardour. It is the latest creation from the house of Guerlain. It is has an accentuating blend of rose, lilies, pivoine, freesia, Muguet and Jasmine. The base essence mainly includes hints of white musk, chypre and patchouli. Wearing this inexplicable scent all day long will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

The Dandy! Idylle by Guerlain ladies' scent

8. The Charmer – Charming Perfume by C.Darvin:

The charming essence of this fragrance is the coolest thing in town with its soothing and refreshing effect. It is rich in femininity due to its floral essences and smell. It gives a lasting gentle feel to your mind, holding everyone by their attention. This pure sensual package is composed of extracts from Jasmine, rose and black currant. Moreover the addition of sandalwood essence accentuates the subtle flavour of the perfume.

The Charmer Charming Perfume by C.Darvin for ladies

9. The One and Only! Yves Saint Laurent – Elle:

No other perfume can personify femininity better than Laurent sweet fragrance. It is a combo of both the modern and elegant, the chic and the bold. It is a perfect for the women who are strong, confident and independent. It is a kind of fragrance which makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. You will get to embrace the enticing aura around you, which last for hours without even trying.

The One and Only Yves Saint Laurent Elle perfume

10. Smell Like Candy! Prada Candy L’Eau:

From the floor of Prada comes a delightful sweet scent named Prada Candy L’Eau. Sweet as sugar this enchanting scent is the emblem of sophistication. It’s lively to smell, playful in feel while seductive in essence. It is a nice mix of benzoin, caramel and white musk extracts.

Prada Candy L’Eau perfume which smells like a candy

Try these outclass fragrances and share your views about the ones you like among this list of popular ladies perfumes. Visit our Top Ten Section for more top 10 fashion stuff and findings.

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