Hi Girls! We have another very interesting post for you today. Summer is already at the door and managing hair is getting a tough job daily. The basic stress of a girl is how to style her hair which may look good and also save her from the hot weather. We have a solution to this problem for you, the ultimate life savours are braids. If you are a braid lover, this piece of writing must be super interesting for you and even if you are not, this post is definitely going to make you a braid fan. Let’s talk about the six most loved and trendy braid styles every girl should know and try this summer.

How to make braids?

Trendy Braid Styles with Tutorials:

Start exploring the six most popular and loved braid styles of the year, which are followed by celebrities and known personalities. Check out their step by step tutorials and try making yours today.


For making a simple braid using three strands, tie the half head hair with a rubber band. Start making a braid of it by taking the open hair from both sides like French braid, keeping the middle strand coming above at every loop. Now secure the end with a rubber band and start teasing each strand out to make it look thicker. Get some hair accessories and pin them into the loops. Put the braid in front at any side you like.

Three strands Braids


Another commonly known braid is the fishtail Braid. It is made with two strands. Pick thin strands looping them over to other side. In this too, you can tease and add accessories. One more interesting thing you can do is make the braid as tight as you can and then pull it down and twist. Make sure to add some hair spray to keep it in place. This looks like a rope and is super stylish.

Fishtail Braid


The DNA braid is also made by three strands but what you are supposed to do first is make a ponytail. Take thin strands from the side and middle section and twist it over the side strand, then pass it from the middle section, once from above and from down in other loop and then mix it with the other side strand. Keep doing it and then secure it with a rubber band. Keep it the way it is or pull and twist it to look even more stylish.

DNA braid


You can start a french braid as a three strand or fishtail braid from wherever of your head in whatever direction you want. Add some cute hair accessories and go with it.

french braid


For making a four strand braid, divide your hair in four sections. Take one side strand; pass it from above the second strand and below the third strand, then again above the fourth one. Keep repeating this and then tie it with a rubber band.

Four strands braid


This one is quite different and stylish. For making a rubber band braid, take some section of your hair and tie a pony. Now take another section below and tie it too. Divide the upper one in two parts and tie them, combining under the ponytail below. Keep repeating the steps and then tease to enhance the look.

Rubber band braid


Above were the six basic braids which you should learn making to deal with summers. Once you are done, it’s time to experiment them by mixing and twisting. We are stating one such idea here for you. Let’s have a look.

Mixing Fishtail and Three Strands Braid:

Make a thick three strand braid and tease to volume up. Now make a thinner fishtail braid and start pinning it up on the three strand braid to make it look a bit more complex and differently stylish.

Mixing Fishtail and Three Strands Braid

Mixing the three Strands:

Start making two three-strand braids on the same side and every time you loop them around, criss-cross the strands with each other and tie a rubber band in the end. It looks cool and easier to manage thick hair too.

Mixing 2 three-Strands braids

Mixing a four strand Braid with fishtail:

Make a four strand braid and a thin fishtail, tie them both separately. Now start passing fishtail from the loops of the other one. You can also do it with three strands braid but fishtail and this one looks more cool.

Mixing a four strand Braid with fishtail braid

These were some fundamental ideas of making and experimenting different braids. You can style your hair up with some more creativity,  like creating a braid crown with french braids, twisting above the head to make hair bands. Mix them in a ponytail, make a french braid from start of the forehead till half of your head and then tie all the hair as a pony tail, and many more ways.

Braid Styles as Crowns

Some girls may not like or feel comfortable with buns and ponytails. In that case, they are usually left with two options, either go with that mainstream braids or compromise and make a bun. Stop compromising on your looks now and try out these new styles.

Important Tips for Hair:

Open hair are just not a friendly thing in summers. Two more drawbacks which force girls normally to tie up their hair are that hair go thinner and rough in summers due to abundant washing and heat. Also sweating causes hair look too bad if they are left open.

  • Try not blow drying, straightening or heat curling your hair in hot weather because hair are already gone quiet delicate and styling them against their natural texture can cause double of normal damage to them.
  • Use serums and conditioner to avoid them from damage caused by styling too much.
  • Try using elastic bands rather than rubber bands.
  • Try minimizing use of pins in hair. We hope you enjoyed going through the post.

Try these adorable and trendy braid styles and share your views with us. Stay tuned with our Hairstyles category for more hair trends.

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