Mehndi is an old tradition of almost all Asian countries. It is the charm of Pakistani weddings. A bride looks incomplete without henna because mehndi has a unique sort of attraction that makes a bride look more attractive with appealing looks. On her big day, a dulhan is keen and quite excited to select the most beautiful henna design that decorates her hands in the most attractive way. There is a wide variety of bridal mehndi designs that are generally applied depending upon the bride’s choice. Internet is full of ideas and any kind of design can easily be searched, therefore, it becomes easy to choose the ideal. But to chose the trendy style is most important thing.

Always try to opt for things that are in current trend as outdated fashion stuff never attracts the spectators. Like other henna styles, the Bridal Mehndi Style has also been categorized into many sub-types like Arabic, Pakistani and Indian designs. As quite evident from the name, this categorization is based on the region. Pakistan, India and Arabic countries follow the tradition of applying mehndi most as much of their population is Muslims and Muslims follow applying mehndi as a Sunnah.

The other common name of this product is henna which is popular in USA and UK. It plays a significant role in making a bride’s look complete, who want to look breathtaking and excellent on her wedding day. Nowadays, mehndi is getting famous all over the world. Back Side henna on hands is very famous because it enhances the beauty of the bride.

Bridal mehndi has many kinds such as floral, peacock, mutual shapes and cut designs. On the auspicious event of wedding, the most important thing for which a girl is conscious is the mehndi design to apply. Therefore, they select those patterns that cover their all functions like engagement, Barat, and Walima, etc. No wedding would be complete without mehndi.

Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017-2018

Top 7 Most Demanded Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs 2017 for Brides:

In this section, we have brought a few most practiced and loved bridal mehndi designs of all times. These different styles are chosen based upon the bride’s skin tone, her wedding outfit or her own personal choice. Smart women love to make creative styles. These henna designs cover your all events. Let’s start exploring all these one by one.

1 – Mascara Filled Mehndi Design for Brides:

Mascara is the current trend of Bridal mehndi designs. It is the most famous and practiced trend worldwide. This style involves decorating the mehndi with different mascara colors giving it a shiny effect. As you can see in the picture below. The mehndi design is adorned with a thin mascara outline and the central part of Palm is filled up with mascara.

Trendy Mascara mehndi design for brides

2 – Arabic Henna Bridal Design:

The Arabic Style Henna is very famous all over the world. These are simple patterns with floral designs. Girls like to apply Arabian mehndi designs on hands and feet in casual days. It is the most frequent pattern of  henna most commoly in dark brown and black colors. The basic idea behind applying ths style is to start the design from finger and take it to the forearm. It is not a complicated task, but most of the women consider it to be quite difficult. Make sure you have a grip of the hands while making the mehndi designs. Arabic henna designs are best for all occasions.

Arabic Bridal Henna Design

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 3 – Black Bridal Mehndi Design:

Now-a-days mostly girls like black henna, because it seems like a darker shade of mehndi. This dark color fascinates in gatherings. Black henna is a mixture of henna and other chemicals. The Black color gives most precise cut. There are many beautiful formats of Black mehndi design such as Elaborate Black Mehndi, Peacock, Foot Designs etc.

bridal black mehndi style

Black outline makes this style more sleek and hence more appealing. This style contains large floral patterns that are filled with Red Mehndi afterwards. Designs with darker shades are generally preferred.

4 – Peacock Mehndi Design For Brides:

Peacock is a very beautiful animal and when colors and beauty meet it becomes more charming. It is the best style of henna loved among all Asian countries. Peacock style mehndi designs are the foremost choices of a bride.

Peacock Mehndi Design For Bride

Peacock mehndi has a unique bird like style which is popular not only in India but also in other Asian countries including Pakistan. These lovely designs are a source of charm and beauty. Peacock style henna is one of the most formal and fancy styles.

5 – Floral Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Floral designs are very common when you talk about mehndi. None of the henna style is complete without making a flower or two. Floral designs are in the shape of flowers and petals which you can apply both on feet and hands. Combination of different little floral patterns make up a floral mehndi design as a whole.

Floral Mehndi Design for brides

This simple design spreads from the mid-side to the back of the palm. It is the perfect design for all kinds of wedding functions. Matching layout on fingers makes this style even more attractive

6 – Tikki Style Mehndi for Brides:

Tikki style mehndi designs have become most common among brides since past few years. This style includes a colored circle generally in colors like green, peach, orange, blue, purple, silver, golden, etc. These patterns contain dots, little circles, diamonds, triangles, diagonal lines, and half circles.

Tikki style mehndi design for Bride

It starts with the creation of a small circle in the middle of the hand. After filling the circle you can decorate the outside of it with different patterns. After being done from the center, one may proceed towards fingers which can be adorned with matching patterns  and adding some complimentary designs from the center.

7 – Shaded Bridal Mehndi Design:

A beautiful shaded mehndi design is one of the charming styles across the palm and can be drawn with two well-shaded flowers on both sides of it. It is done by adding many lines but this style is quite comfortable. These designs are very vibrant and eye catching. Their outline is prominent and a light shade is applied in the middle of the designs.

Shaded bridal Mehndi Design

Opt for the appropriate Bridal Henna Design among these on your big day and share your experience with us. Stay tuned with FashionStrength Henna Trends for more mehndi styles.

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