Hey all pretty ladies out there! Hot, rainy and sticky days are home and this kinda weather is a big tension for ladies especially. Skin gets oily, hair go damp and lose their shine and seems like you haven’t washed them for years. Well, it’s a big issue indeed, particularly for the women who have to go out for work, and for college and school going girls as well. Who want their style to be killed by not so good looking hair? The solution to this is quite simple. Make cool and funky bun hairstyles and beat all the moisture residing in your hair.

But wait, making a bun is not as simple if you want it to look stylish. Whether it’s messy or clean, it’s not such an easy job. So here we are solving this issue and stating some super easy and cool ways of slaying a bun in style. Let’s learn how to make bun hairstyles perfectly.

Buns are quite in trend these days. And not only in trend now but this style has been practiced since ages by women. It is considered as one of the most easy and quick hairstyles that might come to one’s mind. Be it a formal function, daily work routine or casual routine at home, a simple messy bun looks classy. Even a simple rough bun gives a very stylish and cool look to the lasses.

Besides it’s classy magical allure, it also serves the best when you just need to relax and go for a simplest hairstyle. There are so many styles and variations of buns like a simple messy bun, donut bun, high ponytail bun, twisted bun, top knot bun, high folded bun, Bouffant Bun and many more. You must be very selective about the style as it can either groom you or even spoil your entire look. So, first you need to know which bun styles should you go for. Yes, it also depends upon your hair’s length, yet you can try almost all of these on medium length and long hair.

Quick and easy ways to make a Bun

Bun Hairstyles – How to make a Bun?

Below are a few popular bun hairstyles which are tried by most of the ladies in their formal and casual routines. These are not as difficult as they seem, yet a little practice is required. You can try these for both short and long hair. But make sure you go for the ones that go perfectly fine with your face’s shape. Let’s start exploring all these styles one by one along with their complete step by step tutorials.

Bun with High Ponytail:

The simplest way of making a high bun is make a high ponytail and twist your hair around it in a circle. Secure the tip with a bobby pin or invisible pin just under the bun and you are done.

High ponytail bun tutorial

Making of a high ponytail bun

High ponytail bun

Or you can simply tie another rubber band at the bottom end of the ponytail, bend the section between the two ends in outward direction, twist the hair around, and pin up.

Making bun with a high ponytail

How to make a bun with high ponytail?

Bun with high ponytail

How to make a Donut Bun?

Second easiest way is making a donut bun. You can buy a bun mold or make one of your own by an old stocking. Make a Ponytail, hold your hair up and start twisting them on the mold, as you reach the head secure with pin if needed and you are done with it. this idea could be a little not so cool stuff if you have long hair, but a very good idea for short, medium and specially thin hair, as it adds volume to the look.

How to make a donut bun?

Donut bun tutorial

Three-strands bun:

Coming up next gets a little bit tricky, yet it’s so simple. Part your hair in three sections, separate the sides and make a low pony with the middle section. Now hold the pony above the rubber band and make a space between hair. Turn up and pass the hair from it, pass both the sections from it too, and loose it a bit. Tie the remaining hair with bobby pins or invisible pins to finish the look.

How to make a bun with three strands of hair?

Stylish three-strands Bun hairstyle

Half-hair bun with twisted strands around:

Now we have another super easy one. Make a half hair high ponytail, twist the hair around it and make a bun. Now take the remaining hair from lower side and center part them. Twist each side around the bun one by one and finish it by securing it with pins. Or you may also make a braid of both or one of the two lower strands and then pin it up around the bun. Make sure you don’t make pins visible.

How to make a half hair bun?

Half hair bun tutorial

Half hair bun with braid

Two-strands ribbon-Knot Bun:

Next one is a bit tricky and needs a little concentration, yet very easy to make. Center part all your hair and make a regular ribbon knot of both sides behind. Now one by one roll each section on the knot, and finish with pins. This is good for short and medium length hair. Trying it on long hair may put you in a trouble.

Ribbon Knot Bun with two strands

Bun with two ponytails:

And here comes the most interesting one, which can be done on all length hair. Divide your hair in two sections by center parting, make ponytails of both sections behind your head with small gap between. Twist each ponytail separately and secure with rubber band. Take one side and twist it over the other side ponytail, repeat with the second one and secure with pins.

Bun with two twisted ponytails

These were a few tricks of easy buns. By trying these you would learn how to make bun hairstyles in a perfect way with certain variations and styles. You can definitely make these look more classy with amendments and mixing two or three bun styles together. Do share your views on these classy bun hairstyles and visit our Hairstyles section for new haircuts and hairstyle trends along with tutorials.

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