Fashion trends are forever marked by the style icons of the industry. They influence and shape our choices for all the right reasons. Therefore celebrity inspired styles are always on our minds, whether it’s the apparels, makeovers, diet routines or hairstyles, we do adore them and recognize them as the emblem of style and beauty. Once you see them making pretty moves in a movie in a lovely makeover, that style becomes a must to have for us. So why not learn about few more fascinating styles through which these fashionistas are spicing up the industry. Their newest hairstyles, apart from their coolest outlooks are the talk of the town. Be it’s the crummy curls or the wavy blowouts, we have entire range of mesmerizing hairdos for you. So scroll hard and try these fantablous celebrity hairstyles for the day.

Celebrities are the prominent personalities of any country, and they are followed worldwide for their styles. Their fans copy them in each and every way so they may have the feeling to look just like their favourite stars. Their dressing, makeover, hairstyles and overall getup at various events like fashion shows, award shows and film premieres are observed and followed by their fans and public. This is one of the many reasons why celebrities should be careful and conscious about their looks. If you are among those die heart fans of celebrities, then you have surely hit the right place where you can find the latest styles and trends followed by your favourite stars. Explore the top rated celebrity hairstyles of the year in this post and be the first one to rate these according to your views and follow these trends at first place.

Top Ten Celebrity Hairstyles 2017-2018 Trends – Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles:

The Top Celebrity Hairstyles of all time that are just anticipated to be followed this year by most of the celebrities again, and the public as well are all listed below with their brief description. Go though this tremendous series of celebrity hairstyles and haircuts and try these by yourselves to have that perfect celebrity look.

1. Emma Watson’s Tumble of Curls:

Elegance goes to the whole new level with these Emma styled curls. It’s quick and easy as all you need is few fine curls with your hair over the shoulder. This hairstyle is perfect to carry with evening gowns and dresses. Simple yet gorgeous for formal parties and events. Make sure to secure the look well with some hair spray, to keep it all neat.

Emma Watson with Tumble of Curls hairstyle

2. Emily Blunt’s Beachy Wave:

For those who had enough with those dead straight hair and failed to bring something new to the style, trying beachy waves will do great. First dry your hair well then tuck them in a messy bun. After half hour, let your hair fall free and enjoy the natural looking wavy hairstyle. The longer you tie them into a bun the more lasting curls you will get. However using hairspray can do the same.

Emily Blunt with Beachy Wave Hairstyle

3. Nina Dobrev’s Bouncy Blowout:

Want to keep things sleek and smooth, then Nina has something special for you. Her style may look simple to you but care needs to be taken while smoothening those rough ridges and curling the bangs a bit. Your bangs have to be in fine layers with prominent highlights to achieve the desired outlook.

Nina Dobrev with a classy Bouncy Blowout hairstyle

4. Kate Mara’s Ombré Half-Ponytail:

If you are a big fan of ombre style then Kate Mara’s pretty half ponytail is perfect to complement your hair. The entire style goes perfectly with the blending shades of the hair and blond one fading out. It can serve for both, your daily casual outlook or for your funky party makeover.

Kate Mara with an Ombré Half-Ponytail

5. Keira Knightley’s Eye-Skimming Bang:

Falling eye bangs are always a pleasure to try. These bands adds appeal and volume to the outlook. With the added advantage of hiding your gaze behind the fall, these bangs are best to balance out your face shape. Prominent curls are must to complement those wavy bangs.

Keira Knightley looking elegant with an Eye-Skimming Bang hairstyle

6. Rihanna’s Half-Up/Half-Down Waves:

It is natural and easy with the burst of soft curls. Half of those curls are pulled back falling with the rest giving a fine outlook. It takes a minute or two if your hair are wavy enough.

Singer Rihanna with a Half-Up/Half-Down Waves hairstyle

7. Margot Robbie’s Blunt-End Tousle:

If you want to flaunt your beauty with the simplest known style of the town then blunt end tousles would be the best. For those having hair of medium length these tousle are perfect to give you funky smooth look.

Margot Robbie with a Blunt-End Tousle hairstyle

8. Priyanka Chopra’s Pinned-Back Tuck:

Having bulky healthy hair is a blessing on one hand and trouble on the other. You need to put extra thoughts into it to tame those stray hair. But no worries, Priyanka’s pinned back tuck is here to save your day. You can tuck the section of your hair back at one side while bringing the rest to the side.

Priyanka Chopra with a Pinned-Back Tuck hairstyle

9. Hailey Baldwin’s Breezy Bangs:

Your front grown bangs are just about to get classier with this ultra-gorgeous breezy bang style. Just trim the central bangs to avoid cover for the eyes while set the rest in front, make them sleek and shiny.

Hailey Baldwin having Breezy Bangs as hairstyle

10. Rose Byrne’s Ribbon Highlights:

Curls upon curls is the classic hairstyle for the women of all ages. Might take you back in the time, when prominent curls were so in the trend. Well rose has brought them back with the creamy ribbon highlights.

Rose Byrne looking pretty with Ribbon Highlights hairstyle

So, are you ready to have a celebrity look by trying these trendy Celebrity hairstyles? These are quite simple and easy to try. We would be coming up with tutorials of all these hairstyles so you may find it more easy to try these out. Follow our Celebrity Fashion Section for more updates regrading the celebrity clothing, make-up, hairstyles and much more, in fact all fashion and style trends that they follow. And for the top 10 Fashion stuff and findings, visit our Top Ten Category.

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