When it comes to makeover, we not only adore our hottest fashion divas but we try our best to have that outlook. From the shimmers of the shadows to the glow of the cheeks everything about their makeover is catchy that you cannot refrain yourselves from going all crazy, over and over again. Dazzling dark and bold lip colors mixed with the fusion of soft pastel glosses are also the element of attention here. When you follow a celebrity madly, you simply desire to look like him/her. Whether it is the attire she wears, the hairstyle she makes or the makeover she adopts, you just wish to follow what she does and look like her. This piece of writing has brought the compilation of top 10 trendiest Celebrity Makeup ideas that you might be looking for.

Celebrity Makeup trends have always been seen switching from light to dark, simple to bold and many different variations can be seen if we just look back into the history of Hollywood and Bollywood, where different celebrates can be seen wearing different makeup looks at different events like red carpets, fashion shows, award shows and film premieres etc. To inspire your fashion up to the fullest we are bringing you the best of the celebrity inspired makeovers. Let’s have a startling flashbacks of their pretty appearances!

Top Ten Most Popular Celebrity Makeup Trends 2017-2018:

Celebrity Makeup Trends 2017-2018 that have just been observed and anticipated to be followed again this year have been brought to you in the section below, displaying all popular Celebrity Makeup Looks by the popular Bollywood and Hollywood stars. Start exploring the top 10 most popular of all the celebrity makeup trends and follow the ones that you find most inspiring and glamorous.

1. Coral Crush:

Gigi Hadid took the spotlight yet again with her appealing new outlook at Much-Music Video Awards. Her high voltage makeover was one of the most admired look of that night. Her entire outlook was a balance between the coral red and mellow bronze. Red for the lips and bronze for the eye-shadow was greatly complementing her striking red dress and glittering choker.

Gigi Hadid in Coral Crush appealing makeup look at Much Music Video Awards

2. 90’s for Life:

Joan Smalls has brought the 90’s back to life, with her matte touch. In her recently viewed outlook, she donned in nice brows which were shaped softly with slightly contoured cheeks. The most prominent feature of her makeover was the matte lipstick nicely pairing with the bold eye-shadows. Taupe brick does have the smoother finish.

Joan Smalls in 90's for Life Makeup Look

3. Bare Meets Bold:

Taylor swift has taken the dark to a whole new level. This much of a Goth inspired look, is making it all lovable. Oxblood lips with soft stitches of eye makeup are creating an amazing balance along it slight dabs of blush on cheekbones and face curves. The sparkly corner of the eyes are making her eye more attractive and prominent over all.

Taylor swift in Bare Meets Bold Makeover

4. Night Glow:

Serayah McNeil at Grammy’s this year, has embraced darker plum with such elegance that it has become the new love for the season. It’s not some dark matte of a lipstick but has this pretty icy touch which shines out bright. Meanwhile her eye makeup was stunningly gorgeous and has this natural effect.

Serayah McNeil in Night Glow Makeup

5. Cherry-Oh:

Priyanka did it again. Not only she hit the Hollywood with her latest action performance but also captured the attention of many at 2016’s Emmys Awards. And credit simply goes to her ultra-awesome makeover. Her cherry red lipstick matching the tones of her dress was one perfect look. More over her sleek hairstyle with her signature eye makeup is truly amazing.

Priyanka Chopra in Classical Cherry-Oh Make-up Style at Emmys Awards

6. Best Burgundy:

Mrs. Bachan never fails to amaze us with her stunning outlook. Yet with another unique makeover, she again won millions of hearts. She made a sterling appearance at the Cannes red carpet, in a ravishing makeover. The brick burgundy lipstick was tastefully complemented with her soft copper pastel gown. Eye makeup was extremely light and mellow with the little use of grayish shadows in a matte finish, highlighted by prominent use of eye liner.

Aishwarya Rai's Best Burgundy Makeup Look at Cannes Red Carpet

7. Mattes Off:

Cara Delevingne always mesmerize us with her curvy eyes and standing brows. But this time at the MTV movie Awards 2016, it was her makeover which was spreading the magic all over. Those eyes with soft shades, prominent liner and cheeks with the matte glow were looking mover stunning when they were paired with the raisin puce lip color.

Cara Delevingne in Mattes Off Makeover at MTV awards

8. Shadow Play:

At 2016 Met Gala, the bold smokey makeover by Emma Stone did became the center of attention as she walked through the red carpet. The use of opaque charcoal eye-shade around her pretty eyes was to pair the shimmering silver bottom lash line. Moreover the softest touch of lip color had made here entire heavy outlook all balanced and alluring.

Emma Stone in Bold Shadow Play Makeup at Met Gala

9. Lashing Out:

Kendall Jenner also made to the list of top ten with her amazing makeover at the MTV Movie awards where her lovely hazel eyes were given the treat of heavy curly lashes. Lips were given light pink glossy finish, hence adding much her bold black dress.

Kendall Jenner with a Lashing Out Makeup at MTV Movie Awards

10. Scarlet, Better:

Bryce Dallas proved wrong this beauty adage that redheads must not wear red lip color. As she indeed carried this color in the most amazing way possible. Her red became so much of a trend for all the redheads out there. As she paired it with daps of snow white shimmer around the corners of the eyes, it looked well in balance.

Bryce Dallas in Scarlet Better Makeover Look

Try these simple and trendy Celebrity Makeover looks followed by your favourite stars, so you may have the feeling of looking like them. These Celebrity Makeup looks are quite simple and easy to adopt if you learn how to apply makeup neatly and perfectly. We would come up with detailed tutorials for you to learn applying makeup perfectly. So go ahead and look glamorous with these magical looks. Visit our Makeup Trends Section for more makeover ideas and Celebrity Fashion News.

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