For girls of young ages, there is a constant stress of carrying the style of the hour and maintaining their natural outlooks. For those who go to college and universities regularly their skin is most prone to sun exposure, dust and dirt, for them putting on makeup becomes major cause of acne, dull skin and blemishes. This is the reason, girls are restraint to try some newer unique outlooks, they can’t think of variety of makeup ideas which they can try. Well everything is possible where you can experiment with plenty of makeup styles and walk in with confidence and style. We are here with the latest of the college makeup ideas for all the girls who are worried sick about their college routine outlook, who are tired of carrying same style over and over again.

When you have to go outside daily and have a proper routine, it’s quite important to learn what’s trendy these days and how to make yourself look perfect and stylish. So, you must be aware of the current make-up trends belonging to all categories like party makeup or casual makeover. Once you learn what’s trendy and how to make yourself up that way, you can surely manage to look good and adapt your looks according to the situations. If you are having a proper college or university routine then it’s high time that you should sort out what’s trendy and pick up the styles that match your personality instead of going random about your looks.

We are bringing you the best of the refreshing and inspiring college makeup ideas that are must to try this season. But before jumping to that, let’s have a quick review of the skin care routine which is an absolute necessity for all the outgoing girls, to keep their skin fresh, healthy and glowing.


Cleansing and replenishing, both are quite vital for your skin. Scrap off the dirt and dead cells with gentle scrubs and then cleanse it well. Never leave your makeup on, before going to bed. Before applying makeup prepare your skin well, soothe down open pores with ice cold water. Moisturize it well, and drink sufficient amount of water to keep it hydrated all the time. Your diet and sleep cycle has great impact on your face and skin, so keep them in balance and in check. Following these few simple tips, you will surely protect your skin from possible breakouts and dull patches. And this will lead you towards a perfect and trendy makeover routine for college or university.

College makeup ideas for students

College Makeup ideas and looks for College and University Girls:

As style and trends are ever evolving, you can’t possibly maintain same outlook for months. You are definitely in search of number of styles which are equally appealing and easier to carry for your daily hectic routine, so keep on switching your makeup looks just as your dressing changes. But try to be very selective about the makeup looks you choose. They must be easy and at the same time should fit perfectly on your face. Do not opt for makeup looks that are too bold, instead stick to soft looks. keep into mind your face’s shape, skin tone, and eye color while selecting any of the ideas. Just scroll hard and find out the best of the college makeup ideas below.

1. Glossy pink:

It sparks that girly beauty out of you. It is perhaps the simplest makeup you can carry while looking naturally ravishing.

Glossy pink lips for college girls

Pink lip gloss is perfect for college going students

2. Glam red:

We all have that never ending love for red and despite of any age, red brings charm and appeal to your personality.

Glam red lipstick for university going students

Bold glam red lip shade for college girls

3. Neutral nude:

In summers especially, dark bold look, does not seem soothing for the eyes. You want to carry something light and neutral, so this look can work best for you.

Neutral nude makeup look for summer college routine

Neutral nude makeup style for university girls

4. Natural matte:

Matte touch to your makeover brings ultra-sophistication. Whether it’s your peachy pink lipsticks or your brown eye shadow, using the matte finish you can create a perfect balance.

Natural matte lip color is good for college students

Natural matte lip color and makeup

5. Soft and Smokey:

Girls like to carry smokey eyes with deep black spread over the lids. There is no denying of the face that smokey outlook can make you stand in the crowd. It needs hardly few minutes to pull it together then you are ready to roll.

Soft and smokey eyes for college routine

6. Nerd Herd:

Girls who have to carry glasses everywhere, can try these outlooks using prominent eyeliner, mascara and eye brightening eye shadows. Don’t let your beauty hid behind those spectacles, let your eye shine bright with colors.

Nerd Herd makeup for girls with glasses

Nerd Herd makeup idea for girls wearing spectacles

7. Playful style:

If you are a player at soul and can’t chain yourself in some heavy styling or makeup then you should try this certain makeover. From hair to the contour, this idea will definitely go by your style.

Playful style makeover for girls

Playful style makeup for college girls

8. Ravishing finish:

A shiny ravishing touch using shimmers and metallic shades is also a good option to highlight your facial features and to flaunt your beauty in a distinctive way. Use these to make your face speak itself through the curves of its cheekbones.

Shimmery college makeup for girls

College makeup with ravishing finish

9. Bold and Bolt:

Dark and bold colors though are not certainly for girls of young ages, but it gives you a much wanted Goth like outlook. You can carry it to bring diversity to your makeup styles.

Bold makeup for college and university going girls

10. Bit Funky:

Looking gorgeously funky is one look which goes most with the college going girls. A messy top knot or messy bangs with shades of brighter colors with crimson lip colors, will do magic to your appearance. Most of all it is not that time taking and most convenient to put it on.

Funky makeup for college going girls

Funky makeup look for fun loving college students

So, which of these college makeup ideas seem perfect to you and fit your face cut? Try the ones you like and do share your views about these with us. For more makeover ideas and beauty hacks visit our Makeup gallery.

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