Beauty comes in many sizes, shapes and skin tones. Before putting on layers of makeup or giving yourself a fab makeover, considering your skin tone is utmost important. Whether you are light or dark skin beauty, playing with makeup is tricky. Especially the ladies with dark tones, who in our part of the world tend to seek makeup as some whitening potion rather it is just a way to give yourself a flawless ravishing outlook by enhancing your natural beauty and your very own individuality. So how you can make all that possible without putting extra thoughts and energy into it? Well here is a key to your answer, few tips and ideas which can prove to be miraculous for women with dark skin. Try these amazing dark skin makeup ideas and you will love the results for sure.

Dark skin makeup ideas

Dark Skin Makeup ideas for ladies having darker skin tone:

If you have a darker skin tone and you are looking for some latest ideas of makeover then we have surely something interesting for you in this section. The following section explores all the latest trends of dark skin makeup ideas and styles covering all the categories including foundation, lips and eyeshadows. Just go through these classy ideas and try them for a perfect makeover.


Most of the women with dark skin, experience an uneven skin tone which doesn’t look smooth and flawless. Applying mere foundation is not simple solution to it. You need to use multiple shades of foundation according to each tone and then blend them together to highlight the natural curves of your face. Use lighter shades around brow line, over cheekbones, peaks of your nose and forehead. While cover the rest with darker shades and then mix them well on your face. Never use lighter shade to cover your dark circles as this will give an unnatural look to your face. Use the shade which is most close to your eye skin to cover your dark circles.

Different shades of foundation for dark skin tone


To create ultra-glow and smoothness on your face, use some tinted moisturizer to aide your foundation. This will let your makeup stay without giving a dried up outlook. For more glaring effect you can also use some copper bronzer to highlight the cheekbones. A bronzer is a must to give yourself some final touches.

Tinted moisturisers for dark skin beauties


You might hesitate to use bright blushes on your dark skin, but it actually looks good and blends well on darker skin tone. You can use shades of orange, coral or rose to blush your cheeks with. These shades are perfect for daytime makeover. For night time makeup, you should go for darker and rich colors for blush like the plum or metallic shades. Avoid using brown or beige, as these shades won’t create a visible effect on your face.

Bold shades of blush on cheeks

Dark and bold blushes for dark skin


Dark skinned people naturally tend to have darker lips, so any lip color applied on it might give a dull outlook. If you want your lip color to pop, you should apply some light foundation on your lips before putting on any lipstick or lip gloss. This will not only give our lips a matte and smooth ravishing touch but will also highlight the actual color of your lipstick.

Apply foundation on black lips


Dull, pale, neutral or glossy lip colors are worst for dark skin beauties. As these colors will create a sharp contrast to your skin and will make your skin look for dark or tan. So you should go for shades like wine red or plum, which would uplift your outlook. Brown or its shades are also not good for you so these must also be avoided.

Dark lip colors for dark skin ladies


In order to highlight your eyebrows, you need to dab these around with hints of lighter shades of eyeshadows. As area under the brows is darker in tone, this hinders a prominent look for your brows. So use a smudge brush to apply some white shade to highlight the brow bone. You can also use some concealer or primer to create the same effect. But these should be well blended to give a natural touch.

Highlighting eyebrows


Ladies with dark skin usually have black, brown or hazel eyes, so the best eyeshadows which can complement their eyes well are dark deep shades like natural bronze, brown, beige or plums. Create a slight fusion of darker and lighter tones of these shades and your eyes will definitely look ravishing and big. Ladies with dark skin usually avoid shades of golden for the eyes, but if it’s put together using nice blend then it looks equally good. Metallic eyeshadows also complement your skin tone well, so here is another option that you can try.

Dark and bold eye shadows for dark skin tone

In a nutshell, just try to create such a flawless outlook which also looks natural and elegant. Do not go overboard with this, putting on heavy foundations or primer won’t do any good if you don’t put it well in balance. Applying layers and layers of foundation will give you a very artificial look and hence spoil your overall look. So it’s better to follow the above mentioned guideline designed for ladies having darker skin tone, to apply makeup just matching their complexion.

Try these dark skin makeup ideas and enjoy flawless beauty if you have darker skin tone. You will notice a positive change in your look after trying these ideas and tips. Do not forget to share your experience after trying these dark skin makeup ideas and let us know about your views on them. You can simply leave your feedback by dropping comments in the comment box below. Keep visiting fashionstrength for more makeup ideas and trends or you may follow our Beauty Tips section for learning some important beauty hacks.

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