Eyeliner is a makeup tool used to decorate eyes. It is applied to give the eyes an aesthetic effect. With the help of eyeliner, one can make his or her eyes look big and elongated. It can also be used for creating different shapes and highlighting various parts of eyes. You can give a perfect shape to your eyes by applying it on your upper lashes, lower lashes and even on the waterline. There are certain ways and styles to apply eyeliner for example the cat eyeliner style, winged eyeliner style etc. However, to make any of the shapes, you definitely need the right tools to apply. This article would cover all the appropriate eyeliner tools that you may need to apply it perfectly like a pro.

Eyeliner is available in market in various colors like black, brown and grey. Brighter colors with shimmer are also available like the gold and silver eyeliner. For a sharp look winged shaped eyeliner shape is usually preferred. Facial makeup looks incomplete without doing eyes, as dull eyes can spoil the entire look. For night makeup glitter can be applied on the eyeliner to give it a more enhanced and shimmery look.

With ever increasing makeup items and cosmetic kits, certain makeup tools have been introduced to make the application easier and simple. Eye makeup which holds a special place in facial makeover involves many things like eye-shadows, mascara, kajal, and the most important eyeliner. If you manage to do all these but just skip applying the eyeliner, it would never give a complete and fine look to your eyes, so you must learn how to apply perfect eyeliner and the necessary tools required for a perfect application. You can learn all those tricks and tips here which can make your task easier along with the eyeliner tools that you may need.

Six Best Eyeliner Tools You Can Use To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Following are few very important tools and tricks to help you apply eyeliner perfectly like professionals. You can learn as a beginner and become an expert. Take a look at these tips and keep these tools in your bag all the time so you may be able to make perfect shape of your eyes anywhere at any time.

Best Tools To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

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For black eyeliner, the makeup on eyes should be striking and bold. For brown eyeliner , it should be smoky and subtle. For grey eyeliner, it should be brighter and softer. For white eyeliner, coating should be bigger on the inner water line. For Navy colored eyeliner, it should be trendy. For glitter filled eyeliner, it should be sparkling.

Eyeliner Tools and Tricks for perfect Eyeliner Application:

Here are the must have tools for a perfect application of eyeliner

1: Eye Pencil to Guide the Shape of Liner:

Matching eye shadow should used on eyeliner for keeping it stay longer on eyes. Eyeliner with the same colored eye-shadow makes it look more prominent with enhancing the long lasting ability of eyeliner. If you want to use liquid eyeliner, and you are not good in applying it correctly, then it would be great to use an eye pencil to draw a line neatly according to your desired choice. After drawing an appropriate shape, you can apply liquid eyeliner on it with full confidence.

eyeliner pencils

eye pencil for applying eyeliner

2: Eyeliner Brush for Applying liner:

For mono lids, use gel or liquid eyeliner in the thick form. Arch like shape is usually made with a gel or liquid liner for making a perfect line. On the upper lash line, the eyeliner line is drawn in an arch form so that when you open your mono lids, a fine line of a ship can be seen. For creating a different colored liner, a wet brush can be used. Using a brush to create coating gives an elegant look to the eyes.

eyeliner brushes for applying eyeliner

applying eyeliner with eyeliner brush

3: Edges and Curves of a Spoon:

For cat eyeliner style, use the edges and curves of a spoon. Angled shape can be drawn easily with the help of spoon handle. After drawing the shape, fill up the space with eyeliner to give it a final look.

spoon handles and edges for applying eyeliner

For a perfect shape, start by putting dots on the upper lash line first and then draw a fine line over the dots.

apply dots on lash line for drawing line with eyeliner

4: Warm Kohl Liner:

Freeze your eyeliner if it appears crumbly. For gel eyeliner warm the tip of Kohl Liner. For that, hold the tip of the liner in your hands and heat the tip with the flame for creating gel liner. Before applying it on eyes firstly use it on the back of your hand. To prevent the messing up makeup and crumbles of eyeliner, put the eyeliner in fridge for freezing.

kohl eyeliner

5: Business Cards and Simple Tapes:

For an enhanced look, use white eyeliner on the rims of high water line of the eye. This would make your eyes look considerably bigger than their actual size. White liner on the waterline with dark eyeliner on upper and lower lash gives a smoky look. Use business cards and tapes for perfect shape near the eyes for drawing lines.

applying eyeliner with business card

applying eyeliner with simple tape

6: Eyeliner Pencil and Brush for hashtags:

Applying liner in backward direction helps make flick toward the eye. It looks more attractive in smoky eye makeup. Draw hashtags with the help of eye pencil. By smudging the drawn hashtags with an eyeliner brush, it would give a smoky look to the eyes.

drawing hashtag on eyes for eyeliner

These were a few simple tips and eyeliner tools that can help you apply eyeliner on your eyes in a perfect way and give your eyes an enhanced and appealing look. If you are fond of making over then try this time with these tools on your eyes and see what difference did it make. Share your experience with us by leaving your comments in the section down below. Visit us often in our beauty tips gallery and find more interesting makeup stuff and ideas.

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