Shopping is a necessity and an interest as well. It is a craze for certain people but whatever you do or say, shopping is a vital part of life which cannot be given up at all. But sometimes wandering in markets and malls can be annoying, and not everyone has time to roam in shops to buy. Reason could be anything, maybe one have a tough working or study routine and don’t get enough time to go to market, or it may need long travel or there is a possibility that what you need is not available in your nearby market. But this is not a problem anymore. Online shopping stores and sites have resolved all the problems of buyers.

In the hectic and tiring working routines now-a-days, people generally prefer shopping online instead of visiting the markets and malls. This is one of the many reasons why almost all brands have established their eStores. But what makes your shopping more easy is to find the stuff under one roof, just as in shopping malls. So, to have a feeling of shopping in a mall, one can go for the Online shopping stores or eShopping portals which cover up all kinds of items. Online transactions may be a bit risky, yet there exist many reliable spots and here in this article we have listed out top ten online shopping stores you can visit for a trustworthy and secure shopping.

Popular online shopping websites

Top Ten Online Shopping Stores in the World:

Following is the list of most popular e-shopping websites that are serving the best in finding your favourite items at your doorsteps. Be it clothing, home décor or cosmetics, you can find almost all categories of items on these e-portals.


Leading the list of top 10 is the very popular eStore AMAZON.COM. It is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company which gives the sellers a spot to put their products, and is certainly the largest online retailer site over the Internet.

Amazon was founded in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos, with its head offices based in Seattle Washington. Initially it was just an online book store and then climbed up the diversities by selling blurry, CDs, and DVDs etc. Now they are dealing in all kinds of products like clothing, furnishing, cosmetics, food, toys, jewelry, grocery and many more. Amazon owns around 40 subsidiaries like Zappos,, and Kindle etc.

Amazon estore


Ebay is an online multi-national commerce corporation which facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. It was founded back in 1995 with headquarters in San Jose, California. They took a start by online auction activities, later got engaged in ticket-selling too, and then extended their business as online retailers. Now they offer all kinds of merchandise including Decor, food, furnishing, appliances, electronics, gadgets, clothing and many more notable items. They hold around 35 entities but the most prominent one is PayPal.

ebay store


ALIBABA.COM is situated mainly in Malaysia and its name was inspired by the famous comic character Alibaba. Associated companies include Tmall, AliExpress, Alibaba Cloud (Alyun), e-Tao, 11mail, and around 18 more.
Alibaba is a platform that collects sellers and help creating the interaction with interested customers. It also includes all kinds of apparels, cosmetics, accessories, travelling, sports, decors, and appliances etc.

Alibaba store


ASOS is an online fashion and beauty outlet offering clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty products for men, women and kids. Its main headquarters are in Camden town at greater London house. It stepped forward into the industry in 2003. Unlike the above mentioned eStores, Asos is purely a fashion and beauty spot.

Asos website for shopping


IKEA.COM is a multinational group mainly working from Netherlands. This plot deals with ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home décor. So by nature this is all the way a furnishing dealer for home which collects all the modern and antique architecture and interior consultants on a platform for online buying and assistance. Additionally, it has an association with Swedish food markets as well. They are collectively associated with round about 13 firms.

Ikea official website logo


WALMART is an American multinational corporation working since 1969. It has been named after the name of its founder Walton. With their headquarters at Bentonville, Arkansas, they create a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets and departmental stores. They work under this name in Canada, America, and Mexico. They have associations with McDonald’s and Subway kind of entities. Also have discount stores under the head “Walmart Express”.

Walmart online


FLIPKART is an Indian originated electronic commerce company registered in Singapore. Founded by Sachin Bansal in 2007, its head offices are situated in Bangalore and Karnataka. Flipkart has an additional specialty that it has its own product ranges under the name “Digiflip” which deals in USBs, laptops and bags, in fact all computer related accessories and items. They have a subsite working too. Flipkart deals in food, farm, shoes, and room essentials as their private brands.

Flipkart online shopping store


INTL.TARGET.COM is apparently a kind of discount store working under WALMART. Basically it has a parent-child relationship with Walmart. It also deals in the same items at discounted rates from Walmart, and some other mainstream items.

Target online store for e-shopping

9. is a transnational Consumer Electronic Corporation working from Richfield, Minnesota. It also operates from Mexico and Canada. This firm deals in electronic items of all audio and video based categories. It also has its own mobile brand in Canada.

Best buy store online


DARAZ.PK is an online corporation operating from Karachi, Pakistan. It covers up all the items including clothing, fashion, beauty, furnishing, kitchen, shoes, grocery, cosmetics, mobiles, electronic appliances, and all kinds of accessories. Inshort, it can be viewed as on the spot shopping platform for everything. It also has alliances with different brands of clothing, cosmetics, computer and mobiles.

Daraz online shopping website

Hope this list of top 10 online shopping stores helps you to select the best one for you to shop online this season. Do let us know about your views on this piece of writing by dropping comments in the comment box below. Keep visiting us for more updates and fashion news.

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