Nature has always been a great inspiration for art and fashion, it speaks through its colors and the fusion of mesmerizing phenomena around us. Pushing that idea into the extremity of beauty and ultimate sophistication, hair artists around the globe have brought these amazingly fascinating Galaxy hair ideas which are taking the fashion industry by storm. Here the dyes of your hair are used to reflect the most beautiful amalgamation of galaxy colors, the blend of dusty shades and eye captivating contrasts of each.

Whether you are having long, short or medium hair, every style deems perfect for this magical color display. Moreover you can get a world full of options for you to get yourself a galaxy hairdo, even you can pull out the colors of your own choice matching to the galactic display you like the most. Well, it’s about time where we better start scrolling, explore the finest of ideas for galaxy hair and probably try to them out to bring the best in you.

Galaxy hair color trends

Galaxy Hair Styles 2022 for all types of Hair:

Following is a versatile range of galaxy hairstyles and ideas 2022 that you would love. Keeping into view your face’s shape, skin tone and the type of hair you have, you can pick an amazing and trendy style among these and wear a perfect classy look for your casual routine. Just scroll down and have a look.

Jazz up the Blues:

Your curly wavy hair would get to the level of ultimate sophistication with this dusty blue hair dye. It’s deep in shades and highlights the volume of your hair. The black roots especially are adding more dimensions to it.

Curly wavy blue galaxy hair

Colorful Nebulae:

If you ever have witnessed the fascinating sight of nebular display at sky and would love to carry those colors around with you, then this style is definitely for you. Inspire the best in you with nature’s delightful touch.

Galaxy hair with nebular display

Fusion of skies:

An evening sky is the most mesmerizing sight you if ever lived through its peace and calm. The same effect steps in when you give your hair the touch of evening skies with light shades of blues playfully blending into darker dusty shades.

Galaxy hair with evening skies look

Blend of two:

Putting a nebula left far behind in its alluring beauty, the hair artist here has used sets of shades to create a fantabulous blast of colors.

Double shaded galaxy hair style

Three in One:

A nicely done blend is always a treat for your lovely hair. Shades of purple, indigo, violet, blue and hints of deep black are all used in layers to let your hair shine like a bright sky.

Purple, indigo, violet, and blue shades of galaxy hair

Galaxy ombre:

As ombre is one of the most popular choices for hair color. It is also much opted in galaxy style. And believe me, it has never looked that good as it is with this these galaxy colored ombre tips.

Hairstyle with galaxy colored ombre tips

Purple skies:

A great way to impart the delightful beauty of diffusing colors is to go with this fascinating galaxy hair dye. Here the scarlet blue is set to a magnificent display mixed with fuchsia pink and pretty purples.

Diffusing colored galaxy hair


This hair color will remind you of wintry dark nights with shades of blues, green and black all together creating a spectacular display. Hints of green add up to the aurora touch into it.

Moonlight galaxy hair color

Aurora at sight:

If you are just in love with the magical display of Northern lights, then nothing could make you go crazier than this amazing hair dye. Its colors are gushing into one another in layers of every single strand of hair.

Aurora style galaxy hair

Inside out:

The beauty of this galaxy hair dye is that goes from inside out. All the inner layers of hair are dyed into a bash of galactic hues while the outer layers are left untouched. This idea makes this style extremely unique.

Bash of galactic hues in hair

Galaxy short hair:

A great way to shine your short hair with a colorful display, is through this amazing combo of galaxy hair dye. The use of lighter shades at tips and darker on the roots creates a voluminous outlook for your hair.

Galaxy hair with lighter shades at tips and darker shades on roots

Dangling curls:

Here the hair artist focused more on the curls while highlighting those using soft pastel and dusty shades of lavender and blue, while the smooth darker blue is kept to the roots.

Galaxy hair with dangling curls

Stars At dusk:

For medium hair, this combination of space colors is more than perfect. As pink and purple is highlighting the tips well and the outlook of hair layers is made more prominent.

Galaxy hair with space colors

Side streaks:

This one is another ombre version of galaxy hair, but the dye used here is creating streaks of colors not just along the tips but also cover one side of the hair.

Ombre galaxy hair

Fascinating amalgamation:

It is all in blue hair dye, the highlights used in purple are the one making it distinctively unique. You would definitely want to try this one for the season.

Galaxy hair with blue and purple highlights

Half n Half:

Auroras are at full display here, which is enriched with prominent greens, blue and purple. The hair here are dyed in separate halves, diffusing in the middle to create a magical sight.

The magical galaxy hair style

Soft light:

Frosty winter sky is here, you bring chills and shrills to you with this soft alluring hair dye. It is a beautiful mix of whites, with grey and sky blues.

Frosty winter sky galaxy hair

Dreamy sky:

Blue goes into purples and then comes the super alluring teal, that right, this hair dye will drive you crazy with its shiny amalgamation of awe inspiring shades.

Dreamy sky galaxy hair

Sunset hair:

Sunsets are always mesmerizing, they captivates your hearts with the streaks of sunlight diffusing into the blue skies. That too can happen with your hair, you can carry the amazing spectacle with this super amazing sunset hair dye.

Sunset styled galaxy hair

So, which of these shades and styles of galaxy hair are you going to try? Do share your views with us by dropping comments in the comment section. Visit our Hairstyles section to stay updated about latest trends of haircuts and styles.

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