Getting your stray hair all tied up in an elegant style is something we all naturally desire for summers. You probably do not want to let them fall straight yet tying can constrain you with the variety of styles available. Well, you must have already gone through the simple braid style, the typical ponytail, French braids or the fishtail braids or even the buns of all types, but what you might not have tried, would be the delightful Goddess braid hairstyles.

This particular style is much popular in the African American culture, but it has now become the newest hair trend for women from around the world. It is simple to create, and you can add variety to it by setting up all sorts of hairdos either with buns, or the half updo hairstyle. So let’s check out the latest trending Goddess braid hairstyles which are making the fashion buzz for this season.

Beautiful Goddess braid hairstyles with Tutorials:

Start exploring all the newest and trendiest styles of Goddess Braids in the photo gallery below and learn how to try these. No matter what length your hair is, these styles will change your look from casual to classy.

1. Roman Goddess Braids:

This particular hairstyle is a mix of a messily tied bun with the headband goddess braid. Hair from the front is tied up into a fine braid tucking them inwards while bringing the braid sideways. The rest of the hair are tied neatly into a bun with a messy finish.

Blake Lively in Goddess braid hairstyle

2. Greek Goddess braid hairdo:

Hairdo in sleek Greek style is going to blow your mind. Moreover, it is coupled with a beautiful goddess braid which ensures an extra charm to it.

Greek goddess braid hairstyle for for ladies

3. Dutch Goddess Braids:

Dutch hairdos are already quite famous for their elegant braids while pairing a goddess braid to it will bring certainly more beauty into it. For this, entire hair is tucked into a braid making a loop around the head. This gives a regal and neat touch to it while you can also add delicate flowers or brooches braid band.

Dutch Goddess braid style for women

4. Goddess braid half updo:

If you want it all funky and glamorous, then go for this half updo paired with a goddess braid. Starting from one side, the braid covers the head making a braid band around it. While the rest of the hair is left untied. You can either straighten those stays up or you can create pretty bangs adding slight curls to them.

Goddess braid half updo for parties

5. Goddess braid with neat bun:

A boost of femininity and ravishing sleek look makes this hairdo worth mentioning here. The braid is essentially the same but the bun is slightly unique as the braids go from front to the backcrossing at the top of the bun.

Goddess braid with neat bun for formal functions

6. Goddess braid with sleek bangs:

For those who are worried that their short flick hair can’t be tied into a neat goddess braid then you can try this particularly style. Here the braid is tied around the center of the head while leaving the front flicks fall straight. The rest of the back hair is locked into a bun covered in braids.

Goddess braid with sleek bangs for glamorous look

7. Goddess braid headband:

This is an actual goddess braid hairstyle, true in its sense where each stand of hair is tightly tied into a goddess braid. Layers of braids are made to tie up the entire hair. All it needs is a little time and a few bobby pins and your gorgeous super goddess braid hairstyle will be good to go.

Goddess braid headband for a celebrity look

8. Volumized Goddess braid doze:

Those who have long silky hair, well here is something you can try. At first the front hair are firmly pinned sideways giving a neat finish. Then you need to create a central band of goddess braid using prominent layers of hair. While the rest of the hair is tied up into a volumized bun, which is tucked inwards at the back of the head.

Volumized Goddess braid doze to look like dolls

9. Goddess braid side touch:

All the hair when tied into a single side goddess braid then you get to see this magnificent style. You might even have seen celebrities carrying it on the big red carpets as it goes perfectly with evening gown dresses. It works best for short and thin hair.

Goddess braid side touch for casual routine

10. Messy Goddess braids:

Double layers of the goddess braids are tied in this one where the front braid is tied by tucking the hair inwards while the second is tied from inside out. Both together create a messy effect to your hair while you can pull small strands of hair from each side to balance it out.

Messy Goddess braid hairstyle for girls

11. Pretty goddess braid hairstyle:

Prominent goddess braids are used in this one where volume of hair used in each braid. These braids are crisscrossed in such a way that it beautifully shapes up your head and give a nice shine to your hair.

Pretty Goddess braid hairstyle updo

12. Grecian style goddess braids:

The added jewelry is certainly giving it a goddess touch. This style is perfect for weddings and formal celebrations where you can pair it with fancy dresses. Here the front hair is loosely tied while the braid covers the head from the center.

Grecian style goddess braids with hair ornaments

13. Messy hair bun with Goddess braid:

The divided halves of the hair are tied into messy goddess braids and both the side braids are then tucked together into a trendy bun with loose ties.

Learn how to do a messy hair bun with goddess braid

14. Goddess Braided updo:

Its bit casual and you can carry it around everywhere carefree for the whole day. Just tie your hair into fine goddess braid using thin strands of hair and then create a bun using these braids.

African Goddess braided updo

15. Central Headband Goddess Braids:

As charming as it is looking on this great Diva, this goddess braid hairstyle looks good on everyone. The front bangs can shape up the face while the braid adds volume to the head.

Beautiful Central headband Goddess braid style

Try these trendy Goddess Braids and share your views about them in the comment section below. Visit our Hairstyle Section for more ideas and trendy hairstyles.

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