Every wedding season brings a trail of bridal collections, encompassing all the needs of the bride. But when it comes to groom, we fall short of much needed direction and a guidance to a perfect outlook for the big day. As we are well familiar with the traditional eastern grooms wear, an insight to the western style groom’s couture is what a guy needs to give his outlook a 360 twist. Tuxedos, Mandarin suit, Cutaway suit, double or single breasted coats, tailcoats or vest coats, there is a world full of option to try on. But what type to try on? Well, you don’t need to strain your mind with such worries, as we are here with the top 15 best groomswear designs for the year 2017, to give you a perfect option to consider for your wedding.

Groomswear Trend Alert 2017 – Amazing Ideas for Grooms:

The following photo gallery covers a variety of Wedding dress designs for grooms to try on their special days. Let’s scroll down and have a look.

1. Casual Style Coat with Bow Tie:

The outfit is perfect dose of elegance with the slight touch of classic gray. It has the casual styled coat with the contrasting bow in brown. Front is left open to highlight the contrast between the gray coat and that white shirt. The dress pant with brown leather belt is complementing the coat in a delightful manner.

Casual Style Coat with Bow Tie and white shirt for Grooms

2. Gray Pant Coat with Vest and Maroon In Tie:

This suit in magma gray is another name for sophistication. The coat is paired with classic vest inside with the same shade of color. Entire suit is complemented by the use of charming maroon in tie and the light appealing blue of the shirt. The dress is designed in classic grained Courtrai with striped patterns all over the coat, vest and pants.

Groomswear Gray Pant Coat with Vest and Maroon In Tie for weddings

3. Vest Coat with Dress Shirt and Blue Pant:

Another way to style your wedding day look, is to carry a rather simple dress. A combination of smart vest coat with contrasting dress shirt and pants in blue. It’s perfect for daytime weddings, you can carry it with much of the convenience.

Grooms wear Vest Coat with Dress Shirt and Blue Pant

4. Black and White Formal Suit with matching Gray Vest and Bow:

Here in this dress you can find the classic blend of white, gray and black. This lovely combination is one good treat to the eyes. The vest is kept in contrast to the black suit, while matching that elegant bow around the collars. It looks simple but it is highly trendy and distinctive in style.

Black and White Formal Suit with matching Gray Vest and Bow as Groomswear

5. Rich Black Single Buttoned Coat:

Uniquely designed neckline collars, single buttoned coat in rich black color can make any groom look ravishing. It is a classic bond style wedding suit, with infused front pockets, black bow and much favorite white shirt.

Groomswear Trend Alert: Rich Black Single Buttoned Coat

6. Smart Fit Coat with Black Neckline for Grooms:

The combination of graphite with rich black is indeed looking stunning in this one. Moreover the sleek style of this smart fit coat with prominent black neckline collar is adding all the magic to the dress. Bow is nicely complementing the black collars and highlighting the base color of the shirt.

Wedding wear Smart Fit Coat with Black Neckline

7. Narrow Style Collars and Front Open Double Coat in Blue:

Blue is so in trend as groomswear. Any shade of it, gives refreshing outlook for the special day. This is again the classic combination of suit with the vest, but the way these all are pulled together is indeed mesmerizing. Narrow style collars, front open double coat and the uniquely designed shirt with no collars or tie or bow, are few of the captivating features of the dress.

Menswear Narrow Style Collars and Front Open Double Coat in Blue color for weddings

8. Silver Gray Groom’s Outfit:

For men of upper ages, this suit in the classic silver gray is perfect. For your special day this one can be the best option as it has all the accessories to complement your manly outlooks.

 Silver Gray Groom's Outfit for men with upper ages

9. All in All White Groom’s Dress:

All in all white is another good option to try as groomswear. But if you pair white with a slight mix of creamy off-white then you get yourself a stunning outfit. This is much of a casual style of suiting but completely up to the latest trends. You don’t any tie or bow for this one. Just a floral pin is enough to pull that classic western groom outlook.

All in All White Groom's Dress with a little mix if creamy off-white

10. Teal Suit with Silver Grey Tie & white Shirt:

Teal is that one shade you can never get tired off. Especially if preparing to celebrate the occasion in summers, then you can go for this teal suit with silver grey tie and white shirt. It’s has that traditional style coat with monochromatic vest inside tucked using buttons.

Teal groomswear wedding Suit with Silver Grey Tie & white Shirt

11.  Black Coat with Collars lined with shiny silk:

This suit has all the charms of white with black. This one has the collars lined with shiny silk, sparking more elegance out of the dress.

Black Coat with Collars lined with shiny silk for Wedding Grooms

12. Fit Dress Pant & Vest in Plum with White Shirt & Black Tie:

Plum for men is a rare sight to see, but in this particular dress the color is making us all go crazy. Here it is paired with white shirt and the black tie. With a smart fit dress pant and ravishing vest inside, this suit is must to try on your big day.

Plum colored Fit Dress Pant & Vest with White Shirt & Black Tie for Groom

13. Wedding Wear Maroon Coat with Buffed Silk Collars:

Buffed sleek collars, with touch of silk and that spellbinding maroon is making this dress stupendous. It has the soothing appeal to the eyes and has a bold outlook.

Groom Fashion Wedding Wear Maroon Coat with Buffed Silk Collars

14. Wedding Dress in Teal Shade for Grooms:

This teal blue is nailing his looks for its serene touch of nature. The suit is paired with a matching plain tie to create an exquisite and elegant outlook for the groom.

Groom Wedding Dress idea in Teal Shade

15. Grained Grey Coat with Maroon Brown Vest:

Grained grey coat with maroon brown vest inside is one classic set of colors which packed beautifully in this dress. That black tie with white shirt inside is multiplying the charms of the dress up to many folds.

Groom suit for wedding Grained Grey Coat with Maroon Brown Vest

Which of these groomswear dress designs and trends did you like the most and are just planning to wear on your big day? We would love to hear from you in this regard. You can share your views with us by leaving your comments in the feedback box below. Keep visiting our Wedding Fashion Gallery for latest Wedding Fashion trends and groomswear trend alerts.

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