One of the highest levels of sophistication that prevails in the Muslim fashion world is Hijab. It embodies beauty and femininity of Muslim women in the most elegant manner. Covering yourself is one thing while carrying that look with your routine wardrobe and on special occasions is perhaps not that easy but it is worth every effort. Using a simple head scarf or stoles and bone caps you can bring immense variation to your hijab styles with different techniques and wrapping styles.

The importance of Hijab in Muslim world can never be denied and this makes every girl look for latest styles and trends of hijab followed all over the world. Not only muslims but also the non-muslim girls like to wear hijab as it looks extremely elegant and gives a very graceful look. Besides all this, Hijabians have the opportunity to take care of their hair by keeping their scalp covered all day round and keep away all the dust and dirt this way. So if you are conscious about your hair, then wearing a hijab while on work is one the best solutions to your hair problems. You need to be very careful while selecting a particular hijab style for your face as hijab can give you a complete new look. So, a hijab style suitable for a fat or chubby face might not be appropriate for a slim face. This piece of writing will help you select the right style of hijab for your face, along with a little guideline on how to wrap it.

So if you are a Hijaban or love to carry it outside then you have stepped into the right place, as we are about to reveal some of the most trendiest and most inspiring Hijab styles here. They suit to almost every apparel type and will definitely amplify your modest outlook.

Hijab tutorials

Latest Hijab Styles and Trends 2017-2018:

Following are some top notch hijab styles, that will move your hearts to the core through their ultra-sophistication and elegant beauty. Once you will get your eyes on them you will definitely be compelled to try them for once. If you are looking for an appropriate hijab style that suits your face well, then these trendy ideas might be helpful. Be it a formal party, a wedding function or your casual work routine, the following styles cover all the categories. They are easy yet stylish, pretty and neat, so let’s have a look.


Twisted and tied around the neck, this particular hijab style focus on the neck wrap. It gives a funky and girly look to it. You can either simply wrap it around or create twisted knots using the scarf’s loose ends on both the sides.

Yellow neck tight hijab Neck tight hijab style


From embroidered motifs, lace work, bordered embellishments and head brooches, you can use anything to make your hijab look fancier. You can carry this style to formal parties and even to wedding celebrations. Head jewelries and earrings can also be used alongside of it to add more spark.

Fancy wrap style hijab Fancy hijab style with ornaments


It is most loved and admirable hijab style because of the heavy impressive outlook it creates. Whatever you wear, if you pair it with this particular style you can nail it with its sheer elegance and glamorous touch. You need to create number of layers using your scarf to get this style.

Voluminous head scarf in back and yellow Voluminous hijab style


Pairing your head scarf with different colors inside can be another good option to consider for your hijab. It works for all the matching apparels and adds charm through its color. You can also go for printed head scarves with contrasting bone caps inside.

Color duo hijab styleBeautiful color duo hijab


A loose wrap hijab style is a convenient way of carrying it with sufficient volume and layers of wrap loosely tied around the neck. It can be paired with both the monochromatic and some contrasting bone cap to cover the hair neatly.

Loose wrap style hijab Loose wrap for head


Arabian style hijab is different in a sense as it does not involve front neck wrap. You need to crisscross the loose ends of your hijab at the back of the neck and then bring it forward tying a knot. The wrap is uniquely distinctive and gives an amazing look. Moreover with the particular style you can carry some lovely earrings.

Arabic style hijabArabian style hijab


Turban wrap style hijab is an excellent option for those who want to cover their head without any wrapping around the neck. Instead of pinning the loose ends over your shoulders, you can take these and pin them at the back of the head while crossing them in front of it.

Turban wrap for headTurban style hijab


It is one of the trendiest and easiest of all hijab styles, as you just need a headscarf and casually wrap it around leaving the loose ends at the back, crossing over the neck. It is handy dandy street style and you can pair it with all of your casual wears.

Chic style hijab


It’s a simple triangular head scarf type, which is wrapped and pinned around the head and shoulder. You can either leave one end on a side or cross the both, then pin them over each shoulder. This hijab style goes perfectly with cardigans and skirt dresses.

Casual head scarf Casual style hijab


It is carried using two sets of scarfs, overlapping each other and creating nice layers of colors over your head. Take two different sets of colors and then pair them up, for a fancier touch you can use a layer of finely embellished scarf to add glam and glee into it.

Double wrap style hijabDouble wrap hijab for women

Which of these Hijab styles did you like the most and are just planning to try out on an upcoming event? Do share your views with us by leaving comments in the comment box below. Visit us often for more updates on latest fashion and trend alerts.

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