In this era of busy routine and work pressure, you naturally opt for a minimalistic lifestyle. Carrying a complete makeup kit around everywhere is so not in the trend these days and practically quite impossible. There are few products however which can be and must be kept with you all the time, to revive your outlook at any time of the day. Or in other words, the Makeup Must Haves which are quite important to be carried everywhere. These are all the makeup essentials that you could need but one thing must be kept into mind that whatever products you are using always go for the quality check.

Though it is a fact that for fresh and healthy skin, cosmetics should be used rarely as they may cause side effects because of the toxin contents present inside them. But at times it becomes important to retain the freshness of your skin and make it look more fresh by use of certain beauty products.

As routine use of makeup can damage your skin so always opt for skin friendly products, whether it be your foundation or concealer or any blush you are using. Tough few is never enough for girls who love to flaunt through style and glam yet, keeping the following products always in your bag or purse will definitely help you to retain your outlook, upto many hours.

The makeup must haves you should keep in your bag

Top 10 Makeup Must Haves You should keep with Yourself all the Time:

The following section covers up the most trending and essential makeup products that are suggested by beauty experts to be kept into one’s bag so their regular use may help in achieving the goal of having fresh and glowing skin. If you are a person who remains conscious about looks then this article would surely turn out quite interesting to you. Just scroll your eyes down the screen and check out these makeup must haves to make them a part of your bag or purse.

1. Moisturizers:

If anything your skin needs the most, it’s constant hydration. Yes, your skin needs to be hydrated in order to rejuvenate all the time. So always keep your favorite moisturizer with you. While opting for moisturizer, keep your skin type and tone in mind, go for a water based moisturizer if you have oily skin else choose any you like. If you experience constant sun exposure then lotion of SPF 30+ spectrum is a must to keep you safe from sunburns and excessive tanning.

Moisturizers for glowing skin


For that flawless outlook, you must need a smooth and shiny makeover. A concealer is therefore a must to keep with you. Keep its tone close to the natural tone of your skin. Concealer sticks would be best in this regard to carry around, easy to handle and perfect to use. During the day, try not to overdo it, just dabs of concealer would be perfect to smooth out your skin.

Concealers for hiding brown spots and freckles

3. Translucent Powder:

Your makeup should never look all made up, the more it looks natural, the more it looks ravishing. `Well the translucent powder would be the best option to give you that natural look. It is not only invisible but also make your face look flawless. It also blends well over your face. It also has this matte finish that every girl desires, so insisted of applying coats of this powder before leaving your place, just keep it in your bag and apply whenever needed.

Translucent Powder for fresh makeup look

4. Eyeshadow:

Without eyeshadows, your makeover is incomplete. To accentuate your eyes, you need few shades of eye makeup that are good to go. Shades in brown, bronze, coppers and beige are few of the most suitable shades for every outlook, therefore keep a set of these in your bag. Try to find a mini eyeshadow set that could suit to your needs and taste.

Eyeshadow kit with all colors

5. Set of Brushes:

Whether applying concealer, bronzer, powder or eyeshadow, brushes are essential to use. So keeping a set of brushes is also important to your makeup. You don’t need to carry the entire set with, 3 or 4 brushes would enough to meet your needs. Among all a smudge brush is must to keep as it blends well your eye makeup.

Makeup Brushes of all kinds

6. Eyelash Curler:

Curled gorgeous lashes are quite dreamy, so may want your lashes to look lovely round the clock that is why, eyelash curler should always be there to the rescue. It has to be handy and easier to deal with but with remarkable results and effective curl.

Eyelash Curler for long and beautiful eyelashes

7. Blush/Bronzer:

Accentuating your cheekbone is another most vital element of any makeover. For that you always need a blush or a bronzer to get peachy pink cheeks. Keep a piece of blush always in your bag. A single shade of blush would be enough.

Blush and Bronzer for accentuating cheekbones

8. Mascara:

Eyes without mascara are hard to imagine for a girl. Your lashes are highlight through layers of mascara, whereas over the hours it may fade off, so you must carry it everywhere and put it on whenever needed. It has to waterproof and long lasting with voluminous effect.

Mascara for beautifying and elongating eyelashes

9. Lipstick/Lip Gloss:

A multipurpose shade of lipstick must always be in your purse, like any shade of pink or decent brown. Lipstick hardly stays over an hour or more, so keeping it with you will save your lips from looking dull and pale again.

Lipsticks and Lip Glosses for beautifying lips

10. Eyeliner:

You might have ended up ruining your liner at any of the event you go to, whether it’s laugh tears or actual crying girls can’t just help it. To avoid all this liner situation an eyeliner must always be with you.

Eyeliners for beautiful eyes

So, these are the Makeup Must Haves which should be a permanent part of your hand carry. Keeping these essential beauty products would help you glow round the day and hence shine with a perfect and fresh look. Make these products a part of your bag as the Makeup Must Haves and enjoy a healthy look. Stay tuned with our Makeup section for more makeup and beauty related stuff along with popular branded cosmetic products.

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