Mehndi as familiar as “henna”, has been adopted as a custom in many Asian and Persian countries. Women love to decorate their hands and feet with intricate henna patterns at special events like weddings and festive functions. Usually, it is believed that dark color of mehndi is a symbol of love. Indian women believe that a black colored mehndi develops love for their husband, and it also shows their level of good luck as well, due to which they prefer decorating hands and feet with attractive henna designs. Therefore the main focus is now on making the henna shade darker and long lasting. Certain techniques and tips are used for this purpose most of which work quite good. This post has brought very easy and tested mehndi darkening tips for darkening henna shade and to make it stay longer on your hands or feet.

The trend of applying henna has become so much common these days that even children and men find it fascinating to apply mehndi. Women find their functions incomplete without mehndi and get their hands and feet designed with henna from the mehndi artists by paying them. The entire amount would be wasted if the design appears in a light orange or yellow color. So it should made sure before application that the mehndi shade that would appear finally would be dark. In order to get a darker shade of mehndi, you may try these tested tips for mehndi darkening.

how to get dark shade of mehndi

Mehndi Darkening Tips – How to Make Henna Shade Dark and Long Lasting?

Following are a few tested and reviewed Mehndi darkening tips to make your henna design stay longer on your hands and feet and thus deliver a fabulous look. Try these home remedies instead of chemicals and get perfect results without any side effects.

Quick Tips:
Dab your henna design with lemon sugar mixture a couple of times, Wrapping up the entire design, Run your hands over the fumes of cloves, Apply balms after scrapping the crust, Leave Mehndi for a longer time, Apply cooking oil before applying Mehndi, Apply Vaseline before taking a bath.

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very dark shade of henna Guide And Tips For Beginners To Make Mehndi Dark

Let’s start exploring the mehndi darkening tips one by one and chose the one appropriate for you according to situation.

1. Dab Henna Design with lemon Sugar Mixture:

  • Make a mixture of lemon and sugar. For that, mix a part of the sugar with water and heat it up for a few minutes, and then place it to cool down.
  • Pour the mixture into a separate bowl and mix lemon juice in a considerable amount into it. Make sure to take an appropriate amount of lemon juice, as excess of it can damage your skin.

sugar and lemon mixture for henna darkening

  • Apply this mixture on your mehndi design a couple of times after the henna has just dried. The sugar layer protects the skin and gives it a deeper stabbing while the lemon juice leaves a rich and dark color. The lemon sugar mixture is known to give a developed and dark color of mehndi on your skin.

applying sugar and lemon mixture for dark shade of mehndi

2. Wrapping Up The Design:

  • By covering the design of henna, you can get a considerably dark color as a result. If you choose yourself to cover the design, there will surely be some chances of spreading the design and getting it spoiled. For best results, choose another person to cover the design.
  • You can use paper medical tape or any other clean paper to cover the mehndi design. This would definitely work fine.

wrapping henna for dark color

3. Run Your Hands Over the Fumes of Cloves:

  • Take a few cloves, warm them up at the flames or in a utensil and run your hands in the exhaust of cloves very carefully at a considerable distance.

clove fumes for dark mehndi shade

  • Smoke of the cloves will give a dark shade to henna after it is dried up completely.

smoke of cloves for dark color of henna

4. Apply Balms after Scrapping The Crust:

  • Apply balms or Vicky on your palms when the henna is entirely dried out. Alcohol in Vicky makes the henna shade darker. Balms and Vicky give a progressive result with dark and vibrant color and give perforation into the skin.
  • You also can use pickle oil for this purpose.

apply balm on mehndi for dark shade

5. Leave Mehndi Paste For a Long Time:

  • For best results and dark color, keep the henna paste on your hands for no less than 7-8 hours and if you can bear keep it for about 24 hours instead of just 3 to 4 hours, as a short time would give you a light shade like orange or yellow.
  • When it has dried, remove it by stubbing your hands with each other instead of washing water because if you do so, you may get a light resulting color at the end.
  • This would result into a dark and reasonable color in a reddish brown shade.

how long to keep henna for darker shade

6. Apply Cooking Oil Before Applying Mehndi:

  • Take a few drops of cooking oil on your hand palms, just before applying henna, and rub your palms together.
  • Cooking oil being an excellent cleaner and smoother will make your hands clean and smooth with a perfect dark shade of henna design.

cooking oil for dark shade of mehndi

7. Apply Vaseline Before Taking Bath:

  • After removing mehndi, it is usually found hard for ladies to wash hands with soap or take shower as this could result into a dimmed and light shade of mehndi¬†because there are some detergents and chlorine in soap which make a cause of the wrong color, so apply Vaseline before taking a bath or washing your hands.
  • Vaseline builds a contact of henna with skin, and you get a perfect dark color on your hands as a result even after washing your hands or taking shower.

apply Vaseline before taking bath for retaining henna shade

Try these simple mehndi darkening tips and share your views if you find any of these helpful. Save yourself from chemical reactions and side effects by these tested and tried henna darkening remedies. Visit us often to find more interesting and tested beauty tips and health hacks in our Beauty Tips Alley.

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