Men hour is here to bring you exciting new summer collection of menswear to try this season. From your casual outfits to the formal wears, styling in summer can be bit of a problem. Diversity of options has to be there to suit your needs. As fashion is all about comfort, we have brought some of the top notch classic outfits, which will amplify your manly outlook up to manifolds. This year’s summer collection is the combination of both the unique and the modern, revival of the classics and smudges of playful hues. So if you are the man of any age you can get yourself these delights. Amalgamations of various styles can also be put together to create something entirely different, it depends on you and the creative side of you. Let’s just jump to the point and explore the latest Men’s Summer Fashion outfits for this year.

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends 2017 with Best Summer Dress Styles:

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends 2017-2018 with a variety of dress styles to wear this Spring/Summer is right below. Just scroll down and have a look.

1. Seventies Revival:

If you are an oldie at heart, then seventies old fashion is back in town. Funky printed shirts, loose baggy fits, bellow jeans coupled with bandanas do not only look dashing but it is also ravishing. Ambre orange and vibrant red are must to try in these pieces of wardrobe. The more contrasting your wardrobe is, the more it will take you close to the old patterns of style and glam.

Mens summer fashion trends Seventies Revival

2. Men’s Summer Fashion White Out:

How anyone can skip white, talking about the dazzling summers? It is the most in trend color for this season. While most of the men go for more classical version of it, like carrying dress shirts and decent kurtas in white, to try something more playful, you should try t-shirts in white coupled with white loafers and sneakers. Similarly tank shirts in white, is another great option to try this season.

Men's Summer Fashion White Out trend

The white out trend for men this summer

3. Childhood Memories:

To make things a bit more playful, let’s move down to the memory lane, European Fashion streets are doing this certainly for you. From many of the fashion weeks in Italy and Milan, comes the childhood playful style of casual wears. Due to the ease of these designs, these are much in demands and seen everywhere. Carrying this style requires more than just a wardrobe; you also need to couple it with all sorts of boyish accessories like caps and all.

Childhood Memories style casual summer dresses for men

4. Statement Bomber Jackets:

Bomber Jackets in summers? You heard me right, latest of the statement bomber jackets are going to hit the season with the lightest and coolest of the designs. These jackets are designed in vibrant and vivid tempting hues to complement the season. You man of young ages, these jackets can be worn in variant colors with plain white shirts inside. Try jeans or plain pants to complement the lively colors.

Classy menswear Statement Bomber Jacket for summer

5. Pajama Inspired Pieces:

Pajamas are the ultimate love for every season. Pajama inspired pieces for formal wears may sound weird but it is creating great buzz in the fashion world. Shirts and pants are designed in the sleepwear style. Striped pants with the plain shirts, plaid pieces in soft pastel hues, all is worth trying this summer. These styles have an added advantage due to the ease and comfort they provide. Baggy chambray shirt or a striped linen shirt is definitely going to inspire your fashion sense.

Pajama Inspired Pieces Summer style for men

menswear summer Pajama Inspired Pieces

6. The Powder Blue Shirt:

If anything you need to sooth away the heat of the dazzling summer, it is the refreshing Powder blue color. It has seen over the years that powder blue looks amazing in every possible style and paired with any possible wardrobe. T-shirts, dress shirts, jackets, jeans, pants and even Kurtas looks amazingly mesmerizing in such shade of blue. For work you try this blue with dark ties and pants in hues of navy. This blue also goes with red, burgundies and cobalt. If paired with the white sneakers and loafers this will add more funk to your style.

beautiful royal blue summer outfit for men

The refreshing Powder Blue Shirt for men

7. Monochrome Prints:

As a little reminder of the all days, monochromatic prints are back in town and these designs will surely be the hit of the season. On the ramp of the European fashion week, these prints took the center stage, like the famous 101 Dalmatian’s style. Graphic designs add much depth to the style where the charms of the monochromes bring elegance to it. Shirts in these prints, proves to be multipurpose in nature, can work both for formal wears and the casual wears in particular.

Summer fashion Monochrome Prints for men

Summer Monochrome Printed outfit for men

8. Vermillion Red:

Adding more spice to the summer heat, Vermillion red is a definite way to entice everyone around. It has become the fashion favorite of all the eminent designers. It was also the most observed trend in all the latest fashion weeks. Choosing for the perfect red is important, it shouldn’t be too bright or vivid, and after all it has to be decent and nice. You can try this in T-shirts, pants, coveralls, jackets or in vests. Blend of red with white is perfect for summers, likewise all the possible combinations are down below, have a look.

fresh Vermillion Red menswear summer outfit

The Vermillion Red trend for men this summer season

9. Light Wash Denim:

When it comes to Denim, it always look amazing in any of its lighter hues, for summer specially light wash denim gives soothing and refreshing effect to the eyes. You can try these in jackets, shorts and jeans. Even at the latest Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion week many of the collections were full of light denim wears, like mechanic style coveralls and the distressed jeans. Baggy denim jackets are also among the new swags of the season. These jackets create an amazing contrast with pure white t-shirt inside.

menswear Light Wash Denim for summer look

10. Ethnic Kurta wears:

Loose knee length kurtas with shorts, jeans and pants is something more than perfect for this season. It is a mix of eastern and western couture all into one. It has that ease and comfort which has no parallel in the fashion world. This is the reason that kurtas never go out of the trend. Be it in white or monochromatic prints, these are must to try.

Trendy Summer Ethnic Kurta for men

Do share your worthy views about these classy summer dress styles and this Men’s Summer Fashion Update 2017. For more fashion updates, visit our Men’s Fashion Gallery.

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