Tattoos are the next fashion symbol which are ever in trend and adored by most for their simplicity and cool designs. Tattoo designing is indeed an art and taken to the next level with latest engraving techniques and shading styles. The blend of colors into delicate patterns with added effects is real deal of this art. This post would cover a verity of designs and styles of girls tattoos which will be practiced this year.

Drawing tattoos have always been an interesting art followed in European countries and now the trend has also been adopted in Asian regions. Girls belonging to the upper class families even prefer drawing tattoos instead of applying henna on hands and feet. But the critical point about having tattoos is that most of the times it is not that easy to have tattoos drawn on your body, yes the engravings are sometimes too much painful. So how about having painless tattoos drawn on your body with the same magic and allure as the original engraved tattoos?

There are innumerable tattoo designs available distinctive for men and women. Designs for women carry a delightful femininity full of vibrant colors and elegant patterns. So if you are looking something nicely and appealing, here is a complete list of most trending girls tattoos 2017 ideas. And don’t stop scrolling as you are going to get the best of ideas here on FashionStrength!

Top Ten Best Painless Girls Tattoos Latest Designs 2017-2018:

This list of top 10 Tattoo designs 2017-2018 trends for girls has been compiled for those lasses among you who have always been looking for something trendy to wear and look the most trendy to stand out loud in the crowd. To decorate your hands, arms and feet with chic patterns and styles, these trendy girls tattoos are enough. The best thing about these tattoos is that all of these can be drawn with no pain and itching. So, have a look at these top ten trendiest tattoo designs and get these drawn on your body.


Imagine flying dandelions on the side of your neck, it would definitely look quite amazing, right? This tattoo is so simple yet extremely feminine. The dandelions are aided with the hint of shaded brown.

Dandelion style Girls Tattoos New Trends


Roses are the ultimate delight which looks prettier on your lovely hands once crafted on the fingers. It’s all in black but can also be designed in colors of red and pinks. As monochromatic tattoos are more in trend these days, this finger rose is the best option to opt for.

finger rose print tattoo style for women


For ring design lovers, why try a beasty tiger this time? This tiger is created with great deal of skills and fine details. Crafted in the middle finger, this tiger does not only have shades of black, but a perfect motif is created using natural matching hues. The details are amazing, which are making it extremely life like. It is definitely.

Ring Tiger Tattoo design for girls


For all the Libra’s out there, this tattoo is for you. The balance is designed with the perfect combination of rustic hues in brown and black with excellent shades fading in and out. The balance design takes you the past and reminds you of the earlier times hence this tattoo design holds special significance for the people of all ages. It’s elegant and classic in its own ways.

horoscope inspired tattoo for females


Our eyes spark and hearts beat high once we see pretty butterflies flying around us, why not frame them into you tattoo design for good. Keep their colors with you and flaunt your beauty with the dash of sparkling colors. This butterfly pattern is particularly designed in blue but you can use any color of your choice.

cute butterfly tattoo for feet


It is so simple yet, creative and unique in design. This is not something you would have seen many carrying it. This makes it more tempting and a must to try. For urban chic look, this tattoo is perfect depicting the city skyline reflecting the high morals and standards of your personality. It is perfect to carry on wrists or else try around your ankles.

skyline tattoo style for wrsit


A bold black anchor with whorl of flowers around is perfect for strong and pretty girls. As it symbolizes beauty, femininity and firmness all into one, this can explain a lot about your resolute personality. Addition of flowers bring splashes of colors which is nicely complementing the black anchor and highlights the entire tattoo on your pretty hands.

colorful floral anchor tattoo for ladies


Cuteness is overloaded in this elephant shaped tattoo. The combination of greys with pretty red heart is creating a contrasting blend. It is best suited for hands where the size of the design must kept small with a tidy look. The tattoo can be designed using different shade of colors based on your liking.

small elephant tattoo design on arm for girls


It’s new and fresh, if you’re a nature admirer then this tattoo is a must to get. It’s quite delicate with layers of green hues and delicate stems. Here its looking pretty on the underside of the hand yet this tattoo can take any place based on your likings. This tree has somewhat more soothing and calming effect over your personality and adds charm to it.

tree green tree leaf tattoo design for arms


Every girl does love that angle design with pretty wings and ring on top. It is simple in black but neatly designed. This design is best to carry on the side of your neck but it will look equally amazing on the top of your spine or hands. The wings are designed in a close tuck style with shades of black going from inside to out. Heavy shade in black is giving this tattoo a solid touch.

Angelic tattoo style behind the ear for ladies

Try these beautiful girls tattoos with latest and trendy styles and do share your views about these with us. You feedback is highly important for us to bring you more interesting and trendy stuff. Visit us often in our Special Top 10 Gallery for more ideas.

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