Shoes are very important part of our getup. It is usually said that some people make shoe contact before making an eye contact. This is also a myth that shoes depict someone’s personality. Choice of shoes varies from weather to weather and occasions. Here we have some common but un-noticed point about shoe picking. Have you ever countered that someone is wearing a very good pair of shoes but it doesn’t look so good? Contrary to that, ever caught someone wearing an average shoe which you will never buy if asked, but it looked so cool? Well we will give you the answer here, along with a fine discussion on Shoe trends and shoe picking tricks.

No matter which event or party you are to attend, you can not take your shoes for granted. Although the most prominent part is the apparel, yet shoes have the power to drag all the attention and even add to the beauty of your dress or may even spoil it over all. So, if you manage to get and wear the most beautiful outfit in a party, if your shoes don’t go fine with the outfit, your looks might be counted as zero. So whether you are going to attend a formal party, a wedding function and festive eve or even if it is your own big day, be very cautious about selection of an appropriate pair of shoes that doesn’t only go perfectly fine with with your outfit, but also is according to your foot shape and which also doesn’t hurt you all day. And for that you must be aware of these Shoe Picking tricks and tips.

Classy Blue heels for long feet

Shoe Picking Tricks & Guideline for Different Types of Feet:

Actually it’s about the foot shape and shoe design. Let’s discuss them a bit today to learn the shoe picking tricks. Usually there are four types of feet. People have thin and long, long and heavy, small and thin, or small and chubby feet. Let us see which shoe styles are suitable for these four types of feet.

Suggested Shoe Styles for Thin and Long Feet:

People with thin and long feet usually go with pumps and sandals which are not too stripy sometimes. This kind of foot is best for heels because it creates amazing balance on the shoe. Wedges are not much of their kind. A suggestion is to wear shoes of darker color or nude shades, as it would cover up the odd size of foot.

High heels for thin and long feet

Nude shade of heels for thin and long foot type

Suggested Shoe Styles for Long and Chubby Feet:

Long and chubby feet are usually of the people who have wider bone structure, or ageing may be. Basic matter is wide body structure whether it’s fat or skinny but wide. With this kind of feet you should avoid stripes sandals, and go for pumps instead which have opened sides and front. Covered pumpies are obviously universal. Anyone can wear them with little variation. Heels are fine but this kind of foot does not stay comfortable in heels and ends up swelling or hurt. You may wear occasionally but suggestion is to minimize the use. Avoid pumo heels, as they may hurt your fingers. Wedges are a good idea if you want to add height.

Side Open Pumps for Long and Chubby feet

pumps with heels for long and chubby feet

wedges for long and chubby foot type

Which shoe Styles should people with Thin and Small Feet wear?

Let’s talk about the other two types. There is actually not much difference in dealing, just when you have thin small foot completely avoid using sandals, go for covered shoes of whatever type you want.

Shoes for thin and small feet

Which Type of Shoes should people with Small and Chubby Feet wear?

This kind of foot is just so fine with every kind of shoe. People with this type of feet are lucky because they can try on all kinds of shoes. But yes! Too high heels can be disturbing because of balance issues. A moderate heel is good. Flats are always welcomed. But one thing is important to remember, long feet compliment heels. This kind of foot can balance heels very firmly. But people with small feet are usually found irritated with heels. Some people are experienced to handle but the number is so few.

covered shoes for small and chubby feet

flat shoes for small and chubby foot type

Suitable Shoe Colors for Different Types of Feet:

Another pin point is when you have thin foot structure darker colors compliment it. And if you have chubby one, go for lighter shades. Off course you don’t want to make feet popping up the attention and creating awkward situations.
Dark shaded shoe colors for Thin Feet

Light shades of shoe colors for chubby feet

Perfect Shoe Styles for Feet with Long Fingers:

Lastly, no matter what foot structure you have, if you have long fingers, better not choose a close front shoe this may cause tip pains because of pressure.

Shoes for feet with long fingers

Sneakers and Boots are fit for?

Sneakers and boots are very much in fashion especially in winters. A little tip in this regard is that long feet compliment sneakers. Short feet will look much better with long or ankle boots instead.

Sneakers for long feet

long or ankle boots for short feet

How to Treat Shoe Injuries and Irritations?

Usually shoes cause wounds on back of the feet. A few very clever tricks can help you deal with them and manage your shoes round the day.

  • Use bandages to the point where your shoe ends.
  • Applying Vaseline to the tip of shoes can also avoid hurting feet.
  • Always buy a pair which is not too fit. As wearing too much tight shoes can ruin your walk and disturb blood circulations which cause quick tiring. Choose the pair which is normal in feet, i.e. not too tight and not too loose.
  • Try wearing flats if you have hectic long hours working routines and have to walk too much or sit too much. And if you have short time work routine or a moderate sitting and walking activities, you can go for heels.

Hope you will never mess up with your looks onward and now you will know which of the shoe styles have a problem to your feet. Try these trendy ideas and shoe picking tricks, and share your views and experience with us if they did any good to you. Keep visiting Fashionstrength for more Trends Alert and Shoe collections.

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