There are several different ways to enjoy the fun of makeup. The basic makeup items that are used generally include a foundation, lipstick, and something like an eyebrow pencil. Among the other parts of facial makeover, the one most important is Eye makeup which plays a vital role in giving a glamorous look to one’s face. Eyes being the most appealing part of face need special attention in making over, so one must learn how to make perfect eyes while doing makeup. There are further many types of eye makeups for example Smokey Eye, and surprisingly there are further many kinds of this specific type as well. Today’s post will help you learn how to do Smokey Black Edge Eye Makeup which is as interesting to do as it’s name is.

Eye shades look very impressive and attractive making eyes look more appealing and prominent. With a little practice, anyone can learn to do eye makeup with simple steps. If done properly, it has the power to change one’s complete look, after all it gives a glamorous and classy look to the eyes. Without eye makeup, eyes look dull and small. Eye makeup can also help making eyes look enlarged and defined in shape. Black color has a special importance in the eye-shadow kit as it is quite helpful in making smokey eyes. Shapes made with black color can give a more unique and neat look to eyes, and hence the face.

Black Smokey edge eye makeup gives a V shape to eyes with a prominent use of black colored mate eye shadows without mixing glitters in them, enhanced eyelashes using a mascara, and a neat lining using eyeliner. If you have small round eyes then this style of smokey eyes would fit perfectly onto your face making your eyes look sexy and hot.

Step by Step Guide To Smokey Black edge Eye Makeup with Pictures:

Here is a complete step by step in detail tutorial about how to do Smokey Black Edge Eye Makeup. For a hot and Sexy look, light colors are preferred to cover up the entire eye area with black edges. Your eye size also matters in making black edge smokey eyes, so keep it into consideration for a perfect dark side eye makeup.

In order to make a perfect smokey black edge eye, start following these steps one by one.

1 – Prepare Your Eyes With Concealer Dots:

First of all, apply a little amount of concealer around the eyes, in order to cover up dark circles if any. Use two to three dots of concealer where the skin color seems darker. After applying the concealer, massage or rub the area with finger pores so the dark circles may disappear.

eyes with concealer dots for making smokey eyes

2 – Apply Base On Eyelids:

For a long lasting and neat look, apply eye primer on your eyelids as the makeup base. The benefit of primer is to keep the makeup in place for a prolonged time and also makes the eye shadow colors bright and more attractive.

apply base on eyes for black edge smokey eye makeup

3 – Apply Shadow on Eyes:

Select an eye shadow according to your taste. Begin with a light colored shadow to cover the lid by spreading it on your entire eyelid area and up to your brow bone. On the lower lid apply a mid-tone color by using a smooth eye shadow brush. Continue from the inside part of the eye and spread around the outer edge. Now at the end, use a dark colored shadow on the curve of your eye by using angel eye shadow brush and now merge all the colors well.

Apply eye-shadow on eyes

4 – Apply Eyeliner Gently:

Now apply eyeliner to the outer and lower lash line from the outer corner, and glide it to the inner corner by making the outer line thicker.

Apply eyeliner on eyelids

5 – Blend the Dark Shades:

Now mix the black shade of outer edge to the inner lash line in a curved way and blend it with the upper lash line. Prefer applying dark shades on the upper lash line. Use black shadow on the previously used colors on outer eyelids and the outer side of eyelash. Merge the colors well.

Blend the Dark Shades on eyelids for perfect black edge smokey eyes

6 – Apply Light Colored Eye-shadow:

Use a light shade of eye-shadow between the black lines. Merge the color on eyelids with brushes, it would just look like the trapping of light color between black color.

Apply Light Colored Shade on eyes for black edge smokey eyes

7 – Beautify your Eyes with a Highlighter:

Start applying gold or silver highlighter according to your choice on the inner corner of eyes from top to bottom by using a fluffy brush to make eyes look more attractive. Make sure to apply it by moving the brush in a free motion on the eyelids. Take the same highlighter again and sprinkle it on your eyebrow bone. Blend it afterwards with your fingertips.

Beautify eyes With a Highlighter for black edge smokey eyes

8 – Apply Eyeliner on Top of Eyelash:

Apply eyeliner on the top of your lash-line. Begin the procedure from outside the eye and draw it to the center of the eyelash. Then again start from the inner eye to the midpoint combining the two lines. For making edges, use the liner in a curved manner. Dark the line on outer and inner lashes to give a smooth black shade and shape.

Apply Eyeliner on Top of Eyelash for black edge smokey eyes

9 – Curl the Eyelashes:

With eyelash curler, curl the lashes. Drag the switch off the curler to start it. Now move the curler all over the lashes and press them smoothly. Be careful while applying the curler, don’t touch the skin.

Curl Eyelashes for making black edge smokey eyes

10 – Apply Mascara on the Lashes:

After curling properly, apply mascara on the eyelashes. Push the above side of lashes with a mascara wand. Now put the mascara on lashes and move in upward direction, providing them with a little bit thickness. Perform it on both lashes. Now when you see in the mirror, you would analyses the edges on your eyelids. Reset the makeup if you feel any deficiency.

Apply Mascara on Lashes for black edge eye makeup

So, you are done with a simple Smokey Black Edge Eye Makeup. How helpful did you find it? Let us know via your feedback in the feedback section. Visit us often in our Makeup Alley for more makeup tutorials and beauty tips.

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