For events like concerts or dinners, smokey eye makeup is generally preferred as it gives a sophisticated look. Brides usually love to make smokey eyes on Walima and Engagement ceremonies with light colored outfits. Eyes being the most prominent part of face are needed to be focused more while making over. And for a classic eye makeup, you must have a little know how of makeup basics. The most preferred and loved style of eye makeup is the Smokey Eye Makeup which goes absolutely fine with smooth colored attires. Especially for the ladies having small eyes, this style is quite a good solution for bigger look of eyes.

A woman’s personality is judged by her dressing and fashion sense, the type of accessories she wear and surely her make over. So one must be very careful in selection of the type of makeup according to the function, dress and face cut. Smokey eye is basically a simple option to achieve e a quick prominent look in any function. It is a dramatic and unique style that should not be worn every time but quit often. Fancy dresses really demand a prominent eye makeup like smokey eyes for proper synchronization. Grey and Charcoal colors are best for making smokey eyes with a little silver glitter spray. Application of mascara and eyeliner gives this style a more defined and complete look.

Smokey Eyes look amazingly hot and gorgeous if done properly. Are you interred in learning how to make perfect smokey eyes by yourself without any assistance from makeup artists? This piece of writing will help you learn making smokey eyes just like a pro.

smokey eye makeup

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How To Do Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial:

Let’s start exploring each and every simple step of Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with pictorial representation and elaboration of steps.

 How To Choose Perfect Colors?

You can use any color for Smokey Eye Makeup, but should keep into mind that you must use three different shades of similar hue. Black and Grey color is used for a classic look or you may use brown. However, it depends upon the eye color you have.

  • For green eyes, use grey and plum.
  • For blue eyes, use golden and copper.
  • For brown eyes, use navy and blue.

You can use light, creamy or medium shades of same color. Avoid choosing bright colors for smoky eye makeup.

Accessories for Makeup:

You would need the following makeup accessories for making smokey eyes.

  • Pressed powder and matte eye shadow.
  • Black eyeliner of any type like creamy, liquid or pencil.
  • Good quality makeup brushes. Try to use domed shaped eye shadow brush.
  • Concealer and eye shadow primer.
  • Fluffy brush and makeup remover.

Now start following these steps towards a perfect shimmery smokey eye.

1 –  Prepare Your Eyelid:

First of all prepare your eyelid by applying concealer, foundation or eye primer. Use a small brush for merging the concealer and fingertips for applying foundation.

smokey eye makeup tutorial step 1

2 – Apply Eyeliner On Upper Water Line:

Start applying eyeliner on upper water line by lifting your water line with hands and using the eyeliner vertically. The benefits of applying eyeliner are to enlarge your lashes and give them a fuller and defined look. Your eyeliner should be warm before applying on the upper water line.

step 2 apply eyeliner for smokey eyes

3 – Apply Eye Shadow on Eyelids:

Now it’s time to apply eye shadow on eyelids with an eye shadow brush, make sure to blow fire the brush after dipping in into the eye shadow. This would prevent over shadow on your eyelid. If you are using more than one shade then use the lightest one on the inner side of eyelid first.

step 3 apply eye shadow on eyelids for smokey eyes

4- Apply Eye shadow on Eye Crease:

Now apply the darkest shadow on eye crease. If you are using only one shade, then use it on the eye crease. Using the crease brush apply shadow on 2/3rd area of your eye by moving it outward and around the corner. Now move backwards to the inner portion to complete it. You can also use fingertips for applying shadow on eye crease by dipping ring finger in the shadow box.

step 4 apply eye shadow on eye crease for smokey eyes

5 – Blend Eye Shadow in Upward Movement:

For removing the hard lines use blending brush or fingertips for upward movement of eye shadow. On the eye crease change the angle of fingertips diagonally for blending the shadow. Give curves with upward movement.

step 5 blend eye shadow for smokey eyes

6 – Apply Eyeliner on Upper lash line:

Apply eyeliner by pulling it outward on the upper eyelash to give it a curved look. If you are using one shadow, then use of eyeliner is compulsory for giving a gradient between the shadow.

step 6 apply eyeliner on upper lash line for smokey eyes

7 – Blend all Shadows Together:

By using a blending brush start blending all the eye shadows smoothly from outside, then towards the middle and at the end towards the corner, to give it a unique look. All lines would suddenly disappear and create one smooth shadow. If you are using only one color, then eyeliner and shadow can be blended by using a brush to give it a smooth look. Now apply highlight on your eyebrow bone. If your lashes are small, then you can use false eyelashes on your lashes for a more defined look.

step 7 blend eye shadows for smokey eyes

8 – Apply Mascara on Eyelashes:

For giving more dramatic look use mascara in jet black, grey or brown color. Firstly apply mascara on lashes and give it a few moments to dry out. Secondly, curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler and again apply mascara. For giving eyelashes a harder look and more curls, use baby powder on lashes when curling them.

step 8 apply mascara on eyelashes for smokey eyes

9 – Clean up Your Eyes:

If flakes of mascara and eye shadow have fallen on cheeks, then clean it with the help of a brush.

smokey eyes step by step tutorial with pictures

You are done with a classy and glamorous Smokey Eye Makeup perfect for an upcoming party. Did you find this tutorial helpful? If so then let us know by leaving your comments in our feedback section. Visit our Makeup Tutorials Gallery for learning easy make over tutorials.

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