Summer is here and ready to dazzle up the style. As fashion is going to get mild and funky, seasonal lip colors are going to get wild. From crimson to nude, a whole range is there to suit your style. So grab up the palette and embrace colors up to the fullest. Considering the importance a lip color holds to your makeover, no one would want to mess up with this one, the tone, the shades, the glare, the matte, everything just has to be perfect. But again your wardrobe and the nature of event you going to, greatly decides for the lip color you need to choose, like evening functions demand more sparky prominent colors, while for summer days it has to be extremely mellow and nude. So, it’s time to check what’s trendy in the Summer Lip Colors, and Which lipstick colour is in fashion in 2017?

Let’s just face it, a girl has to be picky when it comes to Lip colors or nail paints. Well, you just got lucky today as we have narrowed down a list of 15 hottest summer lip colors for this season, let’s check them out

Which lipstick colour is in fashion?

15 Trendy and Hottest Summer Lip Colors 2017 to try:

The following list of trendy summer lip colors will help you select the perfect lipstick shade and style for your lips, this summer, just according to your skin tone. If you are really interested in finding one and rock your summer look with an extraordinary makeover then go through this trendy series and pick up the style that may suit you. Keep scrolling down and enjoy.


What could be better than two bright and dazzling hues mixed up together? Well this one is something new to try this season. It can add more depth and dimension to your lips and make them look prominent. A darker shade for the upper lip and the lighter for the lower is what you need to get two tone bright outlook.

Two Tone Brights - Double Shaded Lips


Ever admired lip color, which makes girls go crazy is the cherry red color. It’s the hottest color you can get this season. Whether you go for shiny cherry bloom, or the soft matte finish this shade is a wonder. You can try with both the traditional and the modern outfits, so this gives an extra edge to it.

Cherry Red Lipstick Shade looks classy in Summers


Dusty pink lips, shining in scorching heat of summers will be a definite relief. Using this shade you will have that super feminine outlook with a perfect plumy shine all over. Pairing lipstick with the smudges of gloss over it will do great for a lively touch.

The Dusty Pink Lipstick


Bold and rich, this color is perfect for evening functions and darker apparels. Deep plum has to be carried in a matte touch to give it a smooth outlook.

Deep Plum Lipstick color for classy and fabulous look this Summer


Vivid and vibrant as it looks, fuchsia pink lip color will bring out the girl in you. You can pair it with soft eye makeup and low contour to get a gorgeous outlook.

FUCHSIA PINK lipstick for trendy look


Slightly a different shade of red but looks great with all its uniqueness and charms. Bold eye shadows with prominent liner and mascara can be greatly complemented with a punchy red lipstick.



From little girls to the young women, anyone can use this shade for their routine outlook. It’s simple yet attractive to the eye. Moreover it looks great with both heavy and the light makeover.

Rosy Pink Lips for simple Summer Look


Juicy tempting electric orange lip color is going to rock your summers. Whether you going to a beach party or a family lunch, this color will get you all the appraisals you want. Try to go for a glossy touch as it looks more ravishing in this particular shade.

Maybelline Electric Orange Lipstick


Delicacy is wearing pretty red wine lip color with your classic outfit. It is perfect for formal occasions and gives you a smoking hot outlook with the added touch of grace and elegance.

Red wine lips for classy Summer look


Using nude shade of lipstick or a clear gloss is always a best option for summers, as it highlights the natural shape of your lips and makes them look cool and charming.

The Clear Gloss for natural look


Purple lovers, here is something you can try on. Out of all the shades, purple haze is one rocking, celebrity inspired hue for your lips. If you want to go for something fun and crazy then you just found your match.

Purple Haze Lipstick for sexy look


Luxe berry is one defining lip color, used by women of all ages and to your surprise it suits to almost every style, age and wardrobe. It is close to neutral and has a rosy feel to the look.

LUXE BERRY lipstick shade


Funky and girly, Poppy pink is an exciting shade of glossy lip color to wear. For any wardrobe it will look perfect. It’s bright and alluring and brings the best in you.

POPPY PINK lipstick


Probably the spiciest color for the season, red orange is another good option to go for. As it is a mix of both, so it looks good on any complexion and skin tone. Yet again it has variety of sub tones so you can try any.

Red orange lip color for Summers


Close to nature and elegant, coral is ever been the right choice for summers. You can pair this bright soothing color with any makeup style and wardrobe. Its peachy tone makes it quite refreshing for your outlook, moreover there are tons of shades available which can meet your needs. You can try for both the glossy finish and the matte, both look equally amazing.


Share your views about these classy summer lip colors and try the ones that seem best to fit your personality and surely the ones that go fine with your dress. Do not forget to keep your skin tone into mind while selecting any of these lip colors. You can check out latest makeup trends into our Cosmetics Gallery and find more about top ten fashion trends here.

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