Sensitive to the core, our skin needs extra care and nourishment to rejuvenate all the time. The more efforts you put in to keep your skin fresh and lively the more it will be reflected through your face and body. So you surely need to learn some important Summer skin care tips. You might have heard a lot of people complaining about their skin issues but you never see them doing anything about it. Being lazy won’t let you have a flawless skin, from your diet to your skincare routine and even your sleep pattern has to be in a constant check and balance.

Especially during summers, the hot blazing sunlight can cause much damage to your skin. Frequent exposure to sunlight is hazardous for your skin, as it greatly dehydrates it. So it requires extra precautions and care to save it from excessive tanning, sun burns and dehydration.

Summer skin care tips and ideas

Summer skin care tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin:

Wondering what you can possibly do to make your skin all gleaming and glowing? Well this doesn’t require too much of your time or expenses, a simple daily and regular skin care routine can prove to be miraculous in this regard. No need to buy expensive products, or to visit salons every now and then. Just follow these simple Summer skin care ideas and tips then flaunt your lovely flawless skin like a dive.


What agitates your skin the most is the excessive heat, which has to be avoided by constantly cooling off your skin. Try to keep a face mist in your refrigerator and take it with you wherever you go outside. Putting it on will sooth your skin and cool it down a bit. Red Tea face mist is an excellent option to go for, as it has number of antioxidants which are beneficial for your skin and the red tea extracts gives your skin elasticity and strength to cope with the heat.

Spraying face mist


While taking care of your face and body you forget about the delicate lip skin which is most prone to damage. Dull, pale and dried up lips, ruin your entire look even if you worked on your makeover. So to keep your lips fresh like petal, cover those up with a lip balm of SPF 15, that right don’t let the sunrays hit those fragile tissues. You can use La Prairie Ultra Protection stick or any other protection stick to cover our lips before putting on any lipstick or gloss.

Applying lip balm on lips


Scalp is also a living part of your skin so never spare it from extra care. Though it’s covered with long locks of your hair hence not exposed to the sun but the area around hairline is sensitive. As the sunscreen creams we use do not blend well around your hairline, it is not safe from the harms of summers, eventually you’ll face hair loss around your hairline. So you need to buy a sunscreen spray with at least SPF 30 to cover this area.

 Apply sunscreen spray on scalp


One of the best summer skin care hacks is to take showers regularly. As sun heat is enough to dry your skin to the core, a hot shower will add fuel to the fire. Warm water tends to wash off all the essential oil from your face and body and ends up greatly dehydrating it. Whereas taking a cold shower will sooth your skin cells, close your open pores, and avoid acne breakouts.

Man taking shower


Reapplying sunscreen again and again after every wash is a constant drill, which nobody wants to go through. As suggested by dermatologist Pat Wexler, try hints of mineral makeup powder with SPF 50 and apply dabs of it on your nose. This will protect your nose skin, reduce the ugly oil and will give you smooth matte touch.

Apply mineral makeup powder on nose


Dry skin tends to build up when the dead skin cells are not sloughed off. They need to be removed to expose a new, fresh and young baby skin. To slough off those dead cells, you can exfoliate using homemade remedies or try market products. You can use sugar, honey and lemon juice to exfoliate well, this mixture is also nourishing for your skin. Or you can also try any exfoliate foaming body cleanser.

Exfoliate your face with a scrub


The more you take in water through your diet the more your skin will hydrate itself. Drinking water in that matter is not enough, go for juicy fruits full of sap and water. Melons are most effective to take in your diet. They are not only rich in water content but also contain antioxidants which give you glowing radiant skin.

Melons are rich in water contentEat more melons for fresh skin in Summer


Acne is the worst fear for the season. Due to all the heat, sweat and oil on your face, your skin is most prone to acne during summers. For that, cleanse it well before going out and after coming back to home. To wash well, use Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing bar or any other medicated face wash to avoid any bacterial infection. As the Dr. Reich suggests, cleansing your skin with Noxzema Triple Clean Anti Blemish pad before going to bed will also greatly help.

Cleansing the face for Acne removal


Our skin around the eyes is most thin and fragile, which makes it prone to dark circles and wrinkles around them. So always use an eye cream before going bed. Moreover, while going out in the sun, cover your eye skin well with primers or concealer. Use cucumber slices to relax them a bit.

Apply cream around eyes to remove dark circles


Antioxidants are vital to our body and skin. They help to remove all the harmful toxins which build up in the skin. Toxins make your skin look dull and dark, so they need to be treated with a daily dose of antioxidants either through fruits, vegetables or market supplements like super serums etc.

Apply fruits masks or serums as Antioxidants on face


Your hands dry off the most as you constantly work and wash them off. It is better to keep them covered in an effective hand cream with SPF 15 or more like Clarins Age control hand cream.

Apply hand cream with SPF 15 on hands


Constantly apply homemade masks of strawberry, avocado, oranges or banana on your face. Essential minerals, vitamins and sugar in these fruit will make your face bloom like a flower. These ingredients also help to fight against sun burns and tan.

Strawberry mask for face


To reawaken your body skin, try this scrub before going to shower. Take half a cup of sea salt, coffee beans, 1/4th cup of sesame oil and ½ tablespoon of any essential oil, and then mix them well. Apply the mixture on any part of your body and massage well. This single scrub does a lot of things for you.

Coffee beans, sea salt and oil scrub for body


The only way to treat your sun burns well is to use some lactic acid. It’s mild in its effect and soothes the skin. Use plain yogurt for this, mix it with gram flour or sandal wood powder with a pinch of turmeric powder and then apply it on your face or body.

Yogurt, Gram flour and Turmeric powder mask for face

Try these simple and easy summer skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh, and shine all the day. Visit our Beauty Tips corner for more beauty hacks and important tips for your skin and body. And do not forget to leave your feedback about these Summer skin care ideas.

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