For most men, beard is not just some fashion symbol but an emblem of their masculinity. For centuries men keep beard in variety of styles and cuts to suit their personality and their charms. Though it grows naturally but keeping it in proper shape and in a neat cut is the hardest part, for which you must be aware of the latest trends of Beard Styles.

Generally, people love to follow the styles and fashion sense of their favorite personalities and celebrities like actors, artists or sportsmen etc. When it comes to beard styles, they keep on changing with time. The best styles to follow are the ones followed by the known personalities who appear as the fashion icons of a country. And to tell you which styles they follow and which ones are going to be popular in the upcoming days and year, we are right here.

Beard Trends 2017 to Style your Beard in a trendy way:

How to grow a beard and in what style, it all depends on your face shape. For elongated faces, a pointy edged beard won’t suit it best. It has to balance out the face shape and complement your looks in an elegant style. That is certainly not difficult as it sounds, all you need are simple tips and ideas to keep your beard up to latest trends to amplify your handsome outlooks.

Beard Styling Ideas

Beard Styles and Cuts 2017 for all Face Shapes:

Let’s go through the beard catalogue for the year 2017 and find which beard styles and cuts are are in trend and which one to opt for this summers. Whether you work at an office or stroll in the fields, these beard styles will give you a world full of options.

1. Bandholz Style Beard:

This style is impressive to the core and was named after the famous Eric Bandholz, the owner of the Beardbrand Company. This beard suits to the men with triangular, oval and diamond shaped faces. Though it looks absolutely stunning yet it takes time to grow, at least six months. Stay away from the scissors and razors for all that time and maintain its girth and length well. Once reached to a desirable length you can trim according to the style.

Bandholz style beard

2. Garibaldi Beard Style:

Among all the full beard styles, this one is quite a popular choice. The idea is to keep a roundish shape of the beard to balance out oval shaped faces. Here the beard doesn’t need constant trimming but the moustache must be well trimmed. It goes well with faces of oval and rectangular shapes. In order to get this beard, let it growing for some time, while trimming the moustache. The longer the better is the main deal of this beard.

Garibaldi Beard Trend

3. Dutch/Old Dutch Beard:

Dutch style will take you to the old times, with its classic lumberjack look, with no moustache. Growth along the sideburns is kept much heavy and voluminous. This beard complement oval and diamond faces because of its broad heavy side look. It is grown outwards from the sides, with no visible moustache.

Old Dutch Beard Style

4. The Boss Style Beard:

This beard type goes with almost any face shape. It starts from faded sideburn, growing into a full volume beard. It needs trimming around the sideburns from outside. With constant care you can keep this beard in nice style.

The Boss Style Beard for Men

5. Polished Beard:

Best to grow on round and square faces, this beard is another name for style. It brings your inner wild out on your face with hints of your charms. It is only trimmed along the sides and bottom in order to give more defined look. Keep it uniform and well shape by sparing few minutes in a day then you are ready to roll.

Polished Beard style for round and square face shapes

6. Razors Edge Beard Style:

This beard style can complement any face shape with its neat and sleek look. You need to fade the sideburns meeting the full beard. With razor edge beard, moustache is a must, with pointed tips and curls. Right below the chin the beard is kept bit long, making a pointed tip with slight cut at the end.

Razors Edge Beard Cutting Style for Men

7. Handlebars with Beard:

One of the most common beard type and easy to carry, handlebars with beard is one good macho combination to try. The beard is grown with along the shape of the collars, with the length of about 4 inches or more. Sideburns fade into the hair the slightly. Create twists and curls in your moustache to give it a handlebar shape.

New trend of Handlebars with Beard

8. The Faded Beard Trend:

Faded beard is perfect to balance your square of oval face. It fades gradually and nicely into your sideburns. It has to be trimmed and faded in a way that it will give a squarish outlook. It grow for about 3 inches below your chin, after that trim it neatly at the end.

The Faded beard style for oval faces

9. Bush and Coif Beard:

For long, oval or square faces, trying a bush and coif style beard is an excellent option. It looks tough, rugged and has the wildest outlook. To grow this beard, start with your hair with a shorter cut and sideburns fading down to a bushy beard. Let it grow well then trim into a square shape with uniform cuts. Growing it handlebar moustache will give an ultra-stylish outlook.

Bush and coif style beard for oval shaped or long faces

10. The Beckham Beard:

Well the name says it all, this beard has the most admirable Beckham touch in it. Our favourite sports celebrity, David Beckham, has been carrying this beard style for years, hence it is named after him. This beard covers your mandible and the neck. With the addition of a soul patch into it, the beard style will look inspiring beyond your imagination.

 David Beckham with the Beckham Beard

So, which of the Beard Styles do you like the most and are just planning to adopt for an upcoming event? We would love to hear from you. For leaving your feedback, drop you comments in the comment box below. Stay tuned with FashionStrength to strength up your fashion sense and to stay updated with latest fashion trends.

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