Summer is right about the corner and one thing which is troublesome for most of the women is deciding for the hair color they want to keep this season. Your hair color has a lot of impact over your personality and bears the crux of your entire outlook, so this is not something to go easy with or experiment with; rather you need to think it through before getting your hair dye. Well there are plenty of colors out there which have become too mainstream and so last season; you need to get yourself something more subtle, which would suit your personality as well as your skin tone and facial features. Your hair growth, volume and haircut also matter in this regard. Considering all the essential elements, we have jot down a list of top ten spicy Summer hair colors that you can try this summer to heat up your look. Let’s have a look.

Top 10 Summer Hair Colors 2017 Trends for All Types of Hair:

Displayed below are the trendy Summer Hair Colors for ladies with long or short hair. No matter which type of hair you have, the colors would be equally suitable. All you need to do is select the shade that goes perfectly fine with your skin tone. So get ready to shine with these classy Summer Hair colors this season.

1. Soft Bronde Balayage:

So in trend these days, Balayage will take you to the softest outlook ever, it’s deep and gives a matte finish to your hair. It’s an amazing contrast of greys and blacks mixed with touches of blond and caramel. Roots are kept dark and deep while highlights fades in as we move down. It is perfect for people with lighter skin tone or wheat skin color; moreover it also complements wide range of face type and shapes. It also helps to enhance the outlook of your facial curves.

Soft Bronde Balayage hair color

2. Rich Brown:

Any shade of brown hair color suits almost every skin tone. But you should ask the expert to adjust exactly according to your skin. For fair and golden complexions, the best option would be milk chocolate colors while for people with olive or reddish skin tone, deeper hues would be most suitable. Cool espresso rich brown color looks so trendy and loved by all. Similarly subtle chocolate highlights also looks so cool in the summers.

Rich Brown hair color for summers

3. Red Hot:

Red is the new hot this season. For people with fair skin tones, get but warm with copper shades of hair colors, while Auburn tints will be best for girls with warmer skin tones. As advised by most of the experts these, copper undertones are so going to be the hit of the season whereas for lighter versions of it, auburn in golden tones would be the best. Emma Stone’s perfect copper Auburn is one inspiring example of red hot and will definitely move you to try this color out.

Red Hot hair for sexy look

4. Rooted Blonde:

This is the best way to keep the natural base color of your hair. It gives your hair volume and richness all at the same time. This is the reason that this look works on every skin tone. Like Emma Roberts, the color even though contrasts to the base tone but it has immense depth in it. Jennifer Lawrence’s hair color these days is another good example of Rooted blonde. Dimensions of the highlights are the key factor here which must be dealt with care.

Cool Rooted Blonde hair color for summer season

5. Subtle Highlights:

This one is the favorite of all, as it is suitable to every skin tone and can be used in any Hair color. It gives the multidimensional effect to your hair colors. Another name which is given to this color is the “face Framing hair color” as the highlights are focused more around the face, whereas the placement of highlights is the key factor here as explained by experts. Kerry Washington is carrying the similar style with great outlook.

Subtle Highlights hair color trend for Spring Summer

6. Deep Brunette Shade:

To get this deep look you can go for deeper roots with darker shades of brown. From roots to the tips the color has to gradually fade downwards. The real charm of this color is the gradual transition of the shades. But you need to maintain this look by routine touchups. Keep using conditioner to lock up the tip color and base color as well. You can also add Balayage highlights to your light tips.

Deep Brunette/burgundy Shade of hair

7. Brown to Strawberry Blonde:

Another lovely shade of brown is here. It not only gives color to your hair but also adds a particular texture those strands. A wavy outlook will give the desired volume to your hair moreover you go for an ombre touch to add more weight to it. While opting for that go for midnight hues mixed with strawberry blonde shades at the tips of the hair.

Brown to Strawberry Blonde hair color for fair skin tone

8. Platinum Blonde:

This is a lovely shade of blonde for people with fairer skin tones. Platinum is the lightest of all the blonde shades hence it need more care for maintenance and long lasting effect. You need to have regular checkups to keep it all smooth. Platinum is entirely different from the “ash” shade of blonde so never confuse your colorist while opting for this colors. Choosing between warm and cool shades of this color you need to keep your own skin tone in consideration.

Platinum Blonde hair color for fair-skinned ladies

9. Soft Color Blends:

This year give your hair treat of soft blends. Carrying this color as you will step out, it will earn you a lot of gazes for sure. Trying this blend gives you diverse options; you can either try several different colors into one or shades of same color into one. Your goal is give a soft touch to your hair.

Soft Color Blends hair color trend for ladies

10. Bronze Ombre:

Would you like Ombre in Bronze? That’s not something new to hear but definitely a must to try these summers. As you may have seen you favorite rock star carrying the same shade in ombre, this color is definitely rock your season too. Bronze is close to natural shades of hair thus it gives a decent finish.

Bronze Ombre Summer hair color trend for women

Share your views about these trendy Summer Hair Colors that would be seen very common in the upcoming season. Try the one’s that go fine with your face cut and skin tone. For more Summer Fashion updates, visit our Summer Trends category.

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