Out of all the wedding rituals and traditions, cutting those super tempting wedding cakes is definitely favorite for all. It’s not just the western weddings, but now the trend is on the rise everywhere, even in Asia, where wedding receptions are also celebrated with some wedding cake. Though each wedding style has its own custom made cake, designed and decorated in accordance with the theme of the wedding and preferences of the couple.

To make your big day even more special, you need something entirely unique and extremely exquisite, well we all know that it is a tough choice to make. So let us help you out on this one. Relax yourself a bit and explore some of the finest delicacies for your special day. We have top 15 best wedding cakes here for you, let’s scroll and find yourself the best of the best.

Yummy Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes which can make your Big Day More Special:

The following list of amazing wedding cake ideas will leave you spellbound with their mesmerizing looks and of course the yummy taste they would have. In order to make your big day all the more special and memorable not only for yourself but for the guests as well, make a selection from this trendy collection of ideas.

1. Vintage style wedding cake:

This cake is another name for elegance. Rich and creamy, each layer of this cake is decorated using different style. The base is made pretty and fluffy with floral designs; the upper four layers are patterned using pink and copper. The use of added white flowers is amplifying the beauty of the cake.

Yummy Vintage Style Wedding Cake

2. Wedding cake in ombre:

Ombre literally looks great in everything. Even a wedding cake in diffusing shades of certain color, looks just so tempting. This particular one is mixture of white with fading purple, consisting of five different creamy layers. Each layer is decorated with rings of cream around it, to give a defining texture. Well the flowers and the metallic couple sculpture are giving one yummilicious outlook.

Purple Ombre Wedding Cake

3. Together Forever:

With its sheer simplicity, this wedding cake in white is winning all the hearts. It has lovely base layer with blooming white creamy roses. The upper is simple and plain in white with nice and elegant props saying “Together Forever.” It all looks like a perfect white wedding gown for bride.

The "Together Forever" Wedding Cake

4. Asian Wedding Cake:

With the richness of Asian wedding culture, this cake is one big boost of red and gold. For Pakistani and Indian wedding is cake is perfect option to try. It looks like red bridal dress, with work of gold on top. Added flowers, floral patterns and top props are making it look fascinating.

Red and Gold Asian Wedding Cake

5. Royal and Regal:

For big and lavish wedding reception, this cake is must to try. It is shimmering in golden. It is uniquely patterned at the base. It layers in pink and golden on the top. That symbolic initial of the name on the top, is giving it a royal outlook.

Pink Royal and Regal Wedding Cake

6. Unique Arizonian wedding cake:

Though it’s not multilayered, but the cake is newest thing in town. It’s simple and elegant with three layers, covered in cream whirling around. The floral ensemble on the top and sides of the layers is creating a tempting contrast to the yummy white.

Unique Arizonian wedding cake with flowers

7. Classic Vineyard wedding cake:

For this cake flowers are layered and decorated in such a way that a mere sight will take to the serene and calm vineyard full of flowers and leafy fields. These decorations are done over the white layer of cream to highlight its charms.

The "Lover" Classic Vineyard wedding cake

8. Beauty in Black:

A rare piece to find, this cake idea is entirely unique but completely worth it to try on your big day. Here the smooth black is paired with copper gold decor and a set of flowers in white and gold. The entire package is one good treat to the eyes.

Black Wedding cake for wedding ceremonies

9. Blue Streak Wedding cake:

Blue with white, is always adored for the calm effects it brings to your nerves. A yummy combination of white with hints of blue roses is also created in this one. Flowers are designed like if they are poured down from top to bottom, while the couple miniature is looking fantabulous.

Blue Streak Wedding Cake for Brides and Grooms

10. Floral Overdose:

It’s white on white, but still quite appealing due to its prominent floral combinations with green. Each layer is covered sideways with curling patterns bordered with shiny streak.

The Floral Overdose Wedding Cake

11. Music in the air:

If the wedding couple shares deep interest for music, they should definitely try this one. It’s a simple triple layer cake with musical notes designed all around it. Flowers are decorated on the top layer with the initials of the names of the couple.

The Music Style Wedding Cake

12. Indian wedding cake style:

The cake is adorned with Indian red rose and the pretty work in golden. The adornments look like traditional Indian work of Jamawar. Hence it is perfect to try for Indian traditional weddings.

Indian Wedding Cake Style with red roses

13. Rich chocolate treat:

For chocolate lovers, this could be the ultimate delight. The rich brown triple layered cake is engraved with patterns, golden pearls and the swirly patterns at the bottom and top layer.

The chocolate Wedding cake for chocolate loving Brides and Grooms

14. Trendy dripping cake for Weddings:

Its five layered cake with rich copper toppings dripping from the top of each layer. Peachy pink and white are two pastel theme colors; roses in the same shades are absolute beauty.

The Peachy Pink Dripping Cake for Wedding Ceremonies

15. Marble cake:

Another creative idea to style your wedding cake is the marble touch, which gives it a frosty outlook. Blue with white is giving a calming sensation to the eyes while flowers are uplifting its beauty due to their sheer elegance.

The Marble Wedding Cake in Blue and White frosty look

Which of these yummy Wedding Cakes are most appropriate and perfect to be ordered for your big day? Do share your views with us by leaving comments in the comment box below and let us know about your favourite wedding cakes among these. For more wedding trends and wedding fashion updates, keep visiting our Wedding Ideas Section and stay updated with latest trends.

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