In a world where quality has just become a word, it gets hard to find it whenever you step out in markets. You may compromise a lot on your routine products or wardrobe you wear but you certainly can’t compromise on the type of skin products or cosmetic brands you use. Our skin is the most sensitive part of the body, so whatever it soaks in it appears right on. For that reason you got to be careful while opting for cosmetics, you simply can’t rely on any other brand in the market. Always go for a line which is approved, tested and relied on by most of the people.

For a quick review, today Stylesglamour has jot down the list of best of the best cosmetics products, which are guaranteed to be miraculous and has the least of the side effects when used. So leave all your worries behind and eye for these reliable cosmetic brands to always keep on your dresser.

Famous Cosmetic Brands of the World

Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in the world:

Following is the list of world’s most popular and best selling cosmetic brands which are leading the race since ages. You will surely love these brands for their quality products which have been contributing in fantastic makeovers of celebrities and known personalities. If you are conscious about which makeup products you should try for a perfect look and the ones which are free of impurities, then have some knowledge about which makeup brands are well-reputed and approved by experts. Just scroll your eyes down the screen and explore this list.

1. Mac:

Macintosh or as we all know it by the term “MAC” is a winner here. Encompassing variety of cosmetics products under its roof, the company is providing the best known quality in the world. It was a combined venture started by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan. One of the worth admiring features of this brand is that it is providing diverse range of services for clients of every class, which has made it immensely popular.

World's top cosmetic brand MAC

2. Maybelline:

Maybelline is another name for beauty. The corporate came into existence with the efforts of a chemist TL William in 1913. Initiated from the streets of New York, the company now reached to hundreds of countries through its numerous franchises and export of its amazing products. Its products are created with the sole purpose of providing makeover which would look natural and inspiring. Series of foundations are launched for every skin tone and type. Similarly greater variety exists in every category of its products.

Maybelline Make-up Brand

3. Clinique:

Clinique laboratories has been providing cosmetic services for decades and raced to high quality in a short span of time. It is producing from the basic toiletries to the top notch fragrances, skincare and beauty products. It is one of the most utilized brands in the world which says a lot about its brand image and repute among the clients. Products are manufactured keeping the complexities of each skin in consideration.

Clinique Make-up Products

4. L’Oréal:

“Because you’re worth it” is another way of L’Oréal telling you about the pre-eminence of quality the brand has been providing to its value customers. The company started off initially with the hair color products but later expanded its scale to the finest fashion products including its makeup range and the skin care. Its French origin gives the company a rich fashion background through which it is racing up to the highest international standards.

World's most popular cosmetic brand L’Oréal

5. Etude:

The infamous South Korean cosmetic brand Etude emerged on the horizon in 1966, morphing through many changes in the decades that came by. It escalated its popularity among its international customers by meeting the diverse needs of makeup products. Their policy remained moderate towards the production and always showed unwavering quality standards.

The girlish cosmetic brand Etude

6. Oriflame:

Increasingly popular in Pakistan this brand has made its way up to the pedestal of success through its innovative products in the field. It was established in Sweden and it has always kept its position among the best cosmetic products of the world. The brand has accomplished more through it’s out of the box business tactics and indulging clients into the process to establish trust and reliability.

Popular Oriflame Makeup Products

7. Urban Decay:

It is an American company based in California. It was established in 1996 and emerged as the extension of the French corporate L’Oréal. This brand was particular launched to provide lip, eye, face and body products to the customers. Hence it advanced more through research and experiments to create such beauty products to harness the best results. Its eyeshadow range named “naked” is much in the buzz for nice shades and lasting results.

Naked by Urban Decay - an extension of L'oreal

8. Revlon:

Perhaps the most competent cosmetics brand which remains in the limelight for its sheer quality and wide range of products, is Revlon. It is one of oldest cosmetics corporate which was establish in 1932 in America, from there it made its way up to the global markets and earned the trust of its clients and customers. The major fame for the brand comes for its economical prices coupled with good quality reliable and lasting products, whether it’s lipsticks, skincare products, contours, foundations or eye shadows.

The Best Revlon Makeup Brand of the World

9. Covergirl:

Covergirl is another hit American high street cosmetic brand working in the arena for decades. Its cosmetics and beauty care products have become a fashion statement used by every individual including the celebrities and well known fashion divas.

Popular American Cosmetic Brand COVERGIRL

10. Avon:

Avon made it to the list as the Best Cosmetic Brands in 2013. The company is currently offering its products and services in 140 different countries across the world. And it’s not just the number of its franchises which makes it popular but they also maintained the highest levels of manufacturing standards.

One of the best Cosmetic brands of the World - AVON

Try these amazing Cosmetic Brands and share your views about the ones you find perfect for your skin in all aspects. We would love to hear from you in this regard. Visit our Make-up section for knowing more about worth buying and leading labels in the field of fashion.

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