Wearing the finest designs and exquisite brands, has ever remained a prime delight for every individual. We do prefer quality of style and comfort over everything, this is the reason that renowned clothing brands always remain in our minds while opting for the best. Speaking of the brands, there are some world famous labels which not only make you go Wow with their expensive price tags, but the ultimate novelty of their designs will stop you holding onto your cash. Instantly you look, then you buy. So, do you know which ones really are the most expensive clothing brands of the world?

Nothing can keep you from taking home anything made under the label of Gucci, Armani, D&G or Versace etc. With no doubts these brands have become the face of fashion. In any state you are, there is no way you could remain out of this fashion nexus of eminent brands. To dig deeper into the details, let’s discuss 10 top notch expensive clothing brands of the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of the World:

10. Valentino:

Stepped into the fashion arena of the world, Valentino Garavani laid the foundation of Valentino in 1960 as an exclusive fashion company. It started with the production of appealing apparels both for men and women, while later facing its active competitor, it had launched number of new primary lines comprising of accessories and shoes or other form of garments. Its popularity soon earned it the confidence to excel in the fashion business. As of today valentine has become a style empire.

Valentino Online Shopping store

9. Versace:

Italy, the fashion of center of the world has provided the grounds to many of the renowned fashion brands of the world, one including the Versace. That right, Versace has its headquarters in Italy where it was first emerged from. Once it surfaced it had left all its rivals far behind in the line. The uniqueness and versatility of its designs have attracted millions of customers from around the world. Not for apparels only, but they seek Versace to try various accessories including watches, shoes, jewelry and eyewear. It has also launched various makeup products keeping in mind the excessive demands by the ladies.

Versace Online Store

8. Guess:

Guess is the popular fashion brand of America and competing the international market by its high standards. It is most famous for its high quality denim jeans and jackets. Besides denim it has targeted wide range of menswear and womenswear. For youngsters, Guess has manufactured several creatively designed fresh street design, which are easy and casual for routine use.

Guess clothing store by Marciano

7. Dior:

Sophistication and elegance packed with glam, is another name of Dior. It has maintained its prestige in the fashion word with its vocal designs and ultra-decent styles. Dior through its French origin is most inspired by the traditional French styling, infused with the modern state of fashion to reproduce the best of the apparels for adults. Women are most attracted to this expensive brand due to its additional accessories it is providing in extreme diversities. Leather bags, Sunglasses, perfumes, all is available under the label of Christian Dior SE.

Christian Dior Clothing Label

6. Marc Jacobs:

Another big name from the American fashion industry, Marc Jacobs has brought its label into the top ten international brands of the world. Its fashion products are not only limited to fashion apparels but also includes Jewelry and pretty handbags for women. Designs pertaining to the seasonal variations has ever been the prime focus of the brand and it has been delivering up to its promise.

most expesnive clothing brand Marc Jacobs

5. Armani:

Armani has taken the entire world into its fold through outstanding quality of its product. From one end of the globe to another, Armani proved to be the world’s best seller of the exquisite clothing for men, women and leather products. Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani are the primary lines of the brands. It has also launched series of apparels for the kids. Young girls and boys can now also flaunt out loud in the glaring Armani label.

Armani fashion brand

4. Dolce and Gabbana:

The famous label you have seen at every quality clothing product, D&G, speaks a lot about the label it has designed under. Dolce and Gabbana. Established in 1985, this company was a combined fashion venture of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. What emerged as the exclusive clothing brand has now become the multi facet brand with number of sub lines currently running under it. Its fine prints and fabric texture has no parallel in the world as it is all designed under the active supervision of the company heads.

World's most Expensive Clothing brands (3)

3. Prada:

Italy’s most luxurious fashion brand, Prada is among the world’s most expensive labels of the world. For all the fashion lovers out there, Prada has been producing outclass pieces of apparels since 1913. Mario Prada first established this label and helped to boost its success with his creative ideas and innovative designs.

Prada Milano

2. Chanel:

The big C that has mesmerized the world with its amazing designs is none other than Chanel. Chanel chose to stay at verge of supreme quality and conventional fashion styles. It has given us vast varieties of products other than attractive clothing for men and women. It has been providing essential makeup products and trendy handbags. Women across the globe could not get any happier than carrying Chanel as their fashion statement.

most expensive clothing brand Chanel

1. Gucci:

Hitting the top of the list of  World’s Most Expensive Clothing Brands, is Gucci. Stylish apparels, skirts, jeans, suits, ties, shoes, handbags, nothing has left out of the production fold of this huge fashion corporate. Gucci is not just a brand, it is now the emblem of fashion in the world. Ever since it has stepped into the fashion arena of the world it has become the trendsetter, introducing novelty in style and bring new to the old, modern to the traditional.

famous Gucci clothing brand

We wish you shop from these most expensive Clothing brands of the world to wear the best quality fabrics and wear them with class. Share your views about these fashion labels by dropping your comments in the comment box below. Visit us again for more interesting fashion findings and updates in our Top 10 Section.

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