Hiding your actual age is not a myth. Girls and women like to look younger and certainly love to feel younger. I bet everyone does! But to play with your outlooks and making it deceptively younger looking and flawless is not that simple and easy. It takes time, routine, persistence and bit of your efforts. You need to listen to your skin and replenish it with lots of minerals and nutrients else it will get dull and old. Moreover your style to carry an outfit, your makeup and hairdos, also need special care and attention. Well with few simple and handy dandy younger looking tips, it can all deem to be possible. Follow these for a month or two and you will start witnessing a visible change in your looks. You will not only look younger on the outside and but you will feel it too.

How to look younger than your age?

Follow these Younger Looking Tips to look younger:

The following section covers a few very simple and easy younger looking tips for you to try these out at home and make you look fresh and much older than your actual age. These remedies are quite easy to try and have no side effects at all, unlike medicated products which can leave drastic effects on your body organs and lead towards sickness. So better try these natural tips which can help you wear a younger look with a very little effort and no loss at all. Let’s have a look.

1. Trim your eyebrows:

This is something entirely simple but most of the women seem negligible about it during their routine days. Wrongly shaped or untidy untrimmed eyebrows can mess up your outlook. Brow shape is utmost important, too thin or unnatural shape can also make you look older.

Trimming eyebrows

2. Moisturize every day:

The only thing that can make your skin young, fresh and lively, is moisture. Moisturizing your skin can nourish the skin cells and will help the dead cells to be ultimately sloughed off. Moisturiser also prevents your skin from excessive sun burn or damage, so don’t leave it dry at any cost.

Moisturize your skin for a fresh look

3. Get a good night’s sleep:

One of the very important younger looking tips directly relates to health, as it requires you to adopt healthy sleeping routines. The only time when our skin replenishes and rejuvenates itself is night time, so getting a good night sleep will aid the process in a natural way. Skipping proper sleep can cause skin dullness, dark circles and wrinkles which can destroy your younger look.

Sleep properly for looking young

4. Cut down on sugar:

Too much sugar in your diet can also affect your skin. It is one of the major causes of wrinkles and flawed skin. To make your skin look tight and glowing you need to cut off all those sweets or candies a bit.

Limit sugar intake in order to look young.

5. Get plenty of vitamin C:

When it comes to skin repair, Vitamin C is the vital element for that. It aids the process and helps the skin to produce fresh skin cells and it also gives elasticity to our skin. Adding 75 mg of Vitamin C in your daily diet is a must to look fresh and younger.

Get plenty of vitamin C for fresh skin and a younger look.

6. Don’t forget your manicures and pedicures:

Your busy routine and all that kitchen work can harm your hands and feet skin. Ultimately they get wrinkly, dull and dark, especially around the nails. So a routine manicure and pedicure will do magic for your hands and feet.

Do proper manicures and pedicures to look younger than your age.

7. Treat brown skin spots:

Patches, blemishes and dark spots are another of cause of dull and older skin. Treating them using natural remedies will help you maintain your natural glee and glow. Use natural whitening agents like lemon juice or potato juice to slightly fade away slightly.

Remove brown spots

8. Open up your eyes:

Brighter looking eyes with lighter shades on top will serve the purpose and make you look amazingly younger. Combination of lighter shades will make your eyes look bigger and wider. But don’t go overboard with shiny metallic colours.

To look younger than your age, brighten your eyes with lighter shades.

9. Wear light coloured clothes:

Wearing dark and dull colours will directly affect your personality and your charisma. Avoid these colours to look young and alive. Pink pastel shades, classy blues and soft greens are the colours you must opt for your wardrobe.

If you want to look younger, try to wear light colored clothes.

10. Remove makeup at night:

Leaving makeup at night before going to bed is the worst you can do to your skin. It blocks your pores, damage skin cells and can cause possible bacterial growth and infection, so take a wet cotton ball and thoroughly remove your makeup.

Remove makeup at night.

11. Make the most of olive oil:

Using oil as a cleanser can do wonder for your skin. Olive oil or coconut oil contains necessary vitamin E which is essential for a healthy skin. Gently massage it over your face then wipe it off, it will remove the excess dirt and tightens your skin well.

Using coconut or olive oil as a cleanser helps look younger.

12. Lighten up on the lipstick:

Lighter shades of lipsticks are a must for healthy refreshing outlook. Use nude, peach, crimson or pastel shades of pink both in glossy and matte finish. Don’t go for plum or maroon shades of lipsticks, it won’t go with the look.

Use lighter shades of lipstick to look younger than your age.

13. Hairstyle upgrade:

Keeping a same hairstyle is not so lively at all. Change is always good when it comes to hairstyle. Go with the trend and be flexible about it. Experiment something new that could suit best to your personality and your face.

Keep changing your hairstyle to look fresh and young.

14. Do Facial exercises:

Facial exercises are as much important as any other beauty routine. These exercises can tone your facial muscles and tightens your skin.

Facial exercises are good to look younger than actual age.

Follow these very simple younger looking tips and see the magic. We would love to hear from you in this regard. Do not forget to try these out and share your experience with us. Enjoy a fresh, healthy and younger look by making the above mentioned tips a part of your routine. Visit our Beauty Tips section for more beauty hacks and secrets.

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